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Representing Kindred Traditional Care and Rehab Center – Columbus Injured Residents

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the State of Indiana conduct routine surveys and unannounced investigations at every nursing facility to ensure resident safety is maintained. Any deficiency or failure identified during the inspection requires immediate attention and appropriate adjustments/corrections must be made promptly.

In some incidences, the nursing home is unwilling or unable to make the necessary corrections to improve the quality of care they provide those under their care. When this occurs, the federal and state nursing home regulatory agencies can designate the Home as a Special Focus Facility (SFF) on a national watch list.

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Indiana Elder Sexual AssaultIndiana Police are currently investigating a suspected sexual assault of a 76-year-old patient at the Alpha Home Rehabilitation Center.  Police believe the elderly woman was assaulted in her room at the skilled nursing facility.  The incident remains under investigation by local police as they are unsure if the assault was perpetrated by an intruder or an employee at the facility. Currently, no suspects are in custody.

For more information on nursing homes in Indiana look here. For laws related to Indiana nursing homes, look here.

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Acting on an anonymous tip alleging improper care, investigators from the Indiana Department of Public Health conducted an inspection of the Royal Oaks Health Care and Rehabilitation Center.  The inspection revealed 13 violations of federal nursing home laws.

Safety Violations In Indiana Nursing HomeAlthough the person initiating the investigation had a relative who developed advanced bedsores (also called decubitus ulcers, pressure sores or pressure ulcers) and sepsis during their stay at Royal Oak, the investigation concluded that no residents were harmed by the violations.  “There were deficient practices and violations of federal regulations, but no one was actually harmed,” said Ellen Greig, a spokeswoman with the Centers for Medicare / Medicaid Services Chicago Regional Office.

Among the findings documented in a 90-page nursing home inspection survey include:

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iStock_000003924960XSmall-1According to the Indiana Department of Health, the number of reported hospital errors rose from 85 in 2006 to 105 in 2007.

Indiana hospitals and surgury centers must report any of the 27 avoidable medical errors from a list compiled by National Quality Forum, a non-profit group dedicated to improving health care.  Some of the medical errors reported include:

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