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At least twice a year, every nursing facility in the United States undergoes surveys and investigations to ensure there are no violations or deficiencies. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and the state of Idaho conduct these extensive surveys. The findings are usually posted online on the federal website.

Nursing homes with the most egregious violations and deficiencies are usually placed on a Special Focus Facility (SFF) watchlist and put on notice that the substandard level of care provided to the residents will not be tolerated. The nursing home regulators provide the opportunity to the Home to make immediate corrections and adjustments to their nursing staff, policies, procedures, and guidelines.

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Pressure Sores Are A Problem Facing All Nursing Home PatientsIt appears even in idyllic Idaho, pressure sores are a tremendous problem facing nursing home patients.  As attorney John Kormanik discusses in his recent Nursing Home Abuse Advocate Blog entry,  Idaho Facilities Cited For Failing To Prevent Pressure Sores, a staggering 40.5% of Idaho Nursing Homes were cited for violations relating to improper patient care.

As John points out, pressure sores or decubitus ulcers / pressure ulcers / pressure sores can be prevented with relatively simple techniques such as turning patients on a regular basis to reduce the formation of pressure on the body.

David Terry and I will address turning and repositioning in our upcoming exchange and I look forward to hearing from John regarding his experience with this commonly known preventative technique.

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The Enquirer-Herald had a really interesting article regarding younger people in nursing homes.  Increasingly, nursing home are becoming a place for people of all ages.  Over the past 20 years, the number of residents at nursing homes has surged.  Today, people under 65 comprise almost 10% of the nursing home population.

At Orchards Rehabilitation and Care Canter, an Idaho nursing home, four out of five people are under 55.  According to administrator Mindy Shepard, a lack of alternatives is the real reason for younger people are entering facilities once deemed only for the aged.  “It’s not that uncommon because we have a gap in the health care system between the hospital and the nursing home,” says Sheppard.

Young, Middle Aged & Seniors.One of the reasons for the increase in younger residents is the increase in poorly controlled chronic disease.  Manny younger nursing home residents suffer from:

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