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To keep the public informed, the state of Arizona and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) routinely update their website. This data contains information concerning deficiencies and violations occurring in nursing facilities throughout the state of Arizona and nationwide.

When a facility is found to be in violation of federal and state nursing home regulations, the nursing staff and administration must take immediate appropriate action to make corrections to their substandard level of care.

Abuse Of Resident At Assisted Living FacilityThe day of reckoning may be rapidly approaching for the owner of an assisted living home in Arizona.  Authorities have charged Lydia Zagrean, with two counts of felony elder abuse after an episode of apparent physical abuse came to light involving an elderly resident at her family. According to reports in, the criminal charges were brought following an investigation of the sudden death of a 74-year-old womanwho’s death was attributed to a brain hemorrhage caused by ‘blunt-force’ trauma. If convicted, Ms.Zagrean couldfaced more than 12 years in prison.

Even before the medicalexaminersreport was disclosed, the situation drew the concern of the resident’sdaughter whomhad always identified her mother as a healthy and physically active woman during her stay at the assisted living home. Consequently, when the resident’s daughter was summoned to see her mother at the facility– due to a substantial decline in her condition, she immediately became suspicious of the situation.  While Zagrean blamed her patient’s condition on a series of repeated-falls, medical workers found extensive injuries during an exam of the woman including:

  • Deepbruisingon the chest, torso

smoker.jpgSmoking-related injuries in nursing homes and assisted living facilities remain a consistent threat to the safety of both smokers and non-smokers at these facilities.

Every year, hundreds of residents and employees at these facilities sustain serious burn injuries due to mishaps with smoking materials and fires started when by smokers carelessness.

I was startled by a recent report of a smoking-related fire at an Arizona Assisted Living Facility that was apparently started by a patient who was smoking in his room in close proximity to his oxygen tank.  Not surprisingly, the man sustained serious burns that will require extended hospital treatment.

Picture-155The Devon Gables Health Care Center is a very large, 312 bed nursing home in Tucson, Arizona.

As of May 20, 2009, the Arizona Department of Health Services gave the nursing home a quality rating of “A,” which is Excellent.  However a closer look into thefacilitiesrecent past reveals problems that threaten patient safety.  On June 22nd, the nursing home agreed to pay $1,450 in civil penalties for failure to implement their own policies on skin care, change of condition, and wound monitoring for one resident.  During a state investigation, inspectors discovered sixteen violations of state and federal rules.

The state inspection report included violations for:

Nursing Home Fined For Multiple Safety ViolationsThe reported that the Santa Rosa Care Center has been ordered to pay $17,500 in fines for more than two dozen violations that relate to patient safety.  An April inspection by Arizona nursing home inspectors revealed the following problems:

  • The facility waited 10 days to tell a resident’s medical provider that the resident had suffered a seizure, fallen to the floor and was unconscious for about 10 minutes. The resident’s condition deteriorated after the seizure, state records show. He became increasingly confused and needed assistance to walk and eat. Doctors later determined he had intracranial bleeding from the fall.
  • A resident’s “do not resuscitate” directive was not correctly documented by staff.

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