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Health Care Reform Act Allocates Funds For Thorough Background Checks Of Health Care Workers

Six states will be receiving federal grants from the Health Care Reform Act to perform thorough background checks on employees at nursing homes and other facilities that house vulnerable people.

While some states already employ background checks of new employees, the new funding is intended to be more exhaustive that the measures currently in place.  Employees must pass a check of state and federal criminal records, abuse and neglect registries and multiple databases including the Nurse Aide Registry.

Health Care Reform Act The $160 million dollar program will provide funding to the following states:

In addition to nursing homes, the program will screen workers in the following facilities: home health agencies, hospice, long-term care hospitals, intermediate care facilities for people with mental retardation, adult day care and personal care assistants.

Unfortunately, many medical facilities put a premium on hiring workers at the lowest possible wage, and many of the applicants are simply unqualified for the task at hand. Shockingly many people with criminal backgrounds, have made their way into facilities that care for societies most vulnerable.  Rather than take the necessary safety measures, some facilities rush to fill a position at the lowest possible pay scale.

As a lawyer who has prosecuted cases involving abusive employees, I strongly support additional regulatory measures and hope similar background checks get employed throughout the country.

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  1. E. says:

    As a victim of nursing home abuse, I want everyone who has a friend or relative in a nursing to push the policticla reps to submit a Bill for Federal Laws to make it mandatory for for all nurssing homes to have video surveillance of the hallways and outside walls of nursing homes. The reason being is that a new tactic is being used againt patients, in my case in retaliatn for making verbal and written complaints. The new tactics is to spray toxic chemicals into the patient’s room and deprive the patient of sleep. I am concerned that it is only a matter of time before these tactics get around to other nursing home employees and use it on the patients. My research has shown that the motive for abuse varies. But most of all it has revealled that in spite of wide spread abuse in this country, no laws exist that make it mandatory to implement video surveillance in and outside the perimeter of the nursing homes. This type of security at minimum will act as a deterrent and provide the patient evidence needed to confirm any complaint of abuse. This type of security will also reduce the amounts of lawsuits. The lack of this type of secuirty allows sadistic employees to literally get away with “Murder.” Those at most risk are patients with compromised immune system & livers. But even those without this type of comprise are at risk of vital organ damage & death. Since the patient is ill no autopsy will be performed as they will think it natural causes, thus the perfect weapon to get away with murder. I implore everyone to write and setup petitions for federal regulations and implementation of this type of security.

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