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What the? Huh? Fire Starts In Nursing Home After Meth Lab Created In Patient’s Room!

Fire in Nursing Home Patient RoomJust when I thought I’d seen it all, I just read about a particularly disturbing incident at an Ohio Nursing Home that frankly made me read and re-read the news story to make sure I was truly understanding the details of the event.

According to news outlets, the fire that started in a patient room at Park Haven Home (Astabula, OH) when several people were attempting to mix up a batch of methamphetamine in a make-shift meth lab set up at the facility.

The fire sent several nursing home patients and visitors to the hospital for medical care for injuries related to burns and smoke inhalation.

While authorities from the Ohio Department of Public Health and other state agencies continue their investigation into the matter, they suspect that the meth lab was created by visitors to the facility who apparently brought the necessary ingredients to the facility before going about the meth manufacturing.

For me this shocking incident is particularly disturbing in light of the fact that Park Haven Home has continually ignored it obligations to comply with regulations concerning fire safety at their facility.  In 2010 and 2011 nursing home surveyors identified a staggering number of 11 fire safety violations at the facility!

Given the responsibility of nursing homes to protect patients from the acts of both other patients, employees and guests, I hope that this incident provides much needed wake up call for this facility to improve safety standards as well as keeping better tabs on the people they admit to their facilities.

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