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Resident Who Smoked & Used Oxygen Suspected Of Causing Fire At Assisted Living Facility

Fire At Assisted Living FacilityA woman was killed in a fire at the Lebanon Manner Village assisted living complex in Indiana when a fire broke out in her apartment. The other buildings in the complex were evacuated. It took firefighters more than an hour to put out the flames according to Lebanon firefighter Wheat. Thirteen apartments were damaged by flames and almost the entire building sustained some kind of damage, Wheat said.  Most of the residents at the assisted living facility will remain out of their apartments due to smoke and water damage.  Officials did not release a cause of the fire, but friends said the victim smoked and was on oxygen.

If the operators of this facility knew that this woman had a tendency to smoke and use oxygen they should be ashamed of themselves.  Not only did they literally set this woman up to die they also put all of the other residents at this facility in jeopardy.  Nursing homes and assisted-living facilities must ensure their residents’ safety during fires, this includes: conducting drills, having a fire safety plane in effect and in my humble opinion not permitting people to smoke around oxygen tanks.

Read more about this Indiana assisted living facility fire here.

For laws related to Indiana nursing homes, look here.

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