Burns In Nursing Homes


The National Fire Center, reports an annual average of 2 million fires in the United States. Those fires resulted in an annual average in excess of 27,000 civilian injuries, more than 4,000 deaths.

Nursing home residents may sustain burns while at a nursing home facility.  Common situations involving residents sustaining burns include:

Nursing home residents who sustain burns need focused care from experts to implement a plan to deal with the physical and psychological affects.  Burns sustained by the elderly are especially difficult to treat and are commonly accompanied by infection and bedsores.

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  1. Jonathan Rosenfeld's Nursing Homes Abuse Blog says:

    A Reminder Of What Constitutes Nursing Home Neglect

    Occasionally I receive emails and comments from blog readers asking what ‘really’ constitutes neglect. Its easy to point to definitions, but the best explanations usually come by way of example. Yesterday, I was reviewing the chart of a 70-year-old lad…

  2. keate weaver says:

    My Mom was alllowed to have cigarretts and lighters in her room at her asisted living. She has moderate alzheimers………..naturally she lite one in the room and started a fire in her bedding………The trauma of the event caused her to totally lose her mind afterward.
    Aren’t there regulations regarding this………..

  3. Keate-
    Nursing homes and assisted living facilities must run a fine line with respect to patient smoking at their facilities. One one hand, they must allow patients to smoke.
    In addition, facilities must create and implement a smoking policy that protect both the individual smoker and the other patients at the facility. This usually means a designated smoking area and staff supervision.
    In your mother’s case, it sounds as though the facility was negligent with respect to allowing your mother to smoke in her room and failing to secure smoking materials such as matches and cigarette lighters.
    Certainly, this sounds like a situation that should have been prevented.

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