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How To Measure Bed Rail Gaps: A Video

Bed rails are a common source of injury and death amongst the nursing home population.  In efforts to minimize risk, the FDA has established different ‘zones’ of the bed to determine potential for getting caught in the rails.  In order to fully appreciate how bed rail gaps are measured, I found this video. 

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  1. Mike says:

    As a prior therapist there was what I called “In the Middle of the Room Syndrome” because outside of wall bars on a wall there was nothing to address assistance anywhere else. The Med-Pole, a vertical pole that can be placed anywhere there is a floor and ceiling, makes the most sense for bed safety, bed mobility, bed transfers, independence and safety for a persons home or facility. The fact of writing this comment is to let people know about new devices on the market — if not we are using the same methods from a decade ago. I do represent the Med-Pole company who makes Med-Poles but it the design is out of necessity to help people be safe. Best regards.

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