Under-Staffing & Under-Funding Alleged In Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit Where Patient Developed Bed Sores

‘Under-staffing’ and ‘under-funding’ are just several of the underlying reasons alleged to contribute to the development of a patient’s bed sores (or decubitus ulcers, pressure ulcers or pressure sores) during an admission to a Missouri nursing home.

Under-Staffing & Under-Funding  in Nursing HomesThe nursing home negligence lawsuit, filed by my colleague Attorney David Terry, is filed on behalf of a deceased nursing home patient and alleges the nursing home (Parkwood Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center) and its various management companies operated the facility in a manner where money necessary for essential patient-care services was diverted away from the the facility to the benefit of the facility owners.

The subject of the lawsuit, Nellie Wilks, was an elderly woman who was admitted to Parkwood Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on July 7, 2008.  At the time of her admission, Ms. Wilks suffered from various medical conditions and was very much dependent on the staff at Parkwood for providing care for her daily living needs.  Despite her maladies, Ms. Wilks did not have any type of pressure sore on her body.

Also at the time of her admission, the staff at Parkwood conducted an assessment of Ms. Wilks needs and determined her to be at risk for developing bed sores, due to her limited mobility, incontinence of bowel and bladder and need for staff assistance with all of her daily living needs.

The failure on the part of the staff at Parkwood (as well as the owners’ failure to provide staff with the means to do their job) to properly implement Ms. Wilks’ plan of care is alleged to be responsible for the development of a stage IV pressure sore on Ms. Wilks’ sacrum. The wound’s advanced nature, necessitated a medical procedure known as a diverting colostomy and extensive medical care until her death on October 26, 2008.

The lawsuit against Parkwood specifically alleges the facility failed to provide adequate care to prevent the following:

Sadly, many nursing home patients are currently suffering horrible pain and embarrassment due to bed sores.  The overwhelming majority of bed sore cases are the result of the facilities failure to properly implement plans of care.  In cases where a bed sore developed during an admission, facilities can be held responsible for the resulting pain and loss of dignity and medical expenses.

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