Reducing Decubitus Ulcers In Hospitals. How One Facility Managed To Reduce Hospital-Acquired Wounds By 63%

Texas Arlington Memorial Hospital was recently recognized for implementing a systematic program to reduce the number of patients with hospital-acquired decubitus ulcers.  The program resulted in a 63% reduction in pressure sores.  This hospital accomplished this by taking the following steps:Reducing Decubitus Ulcers In Hospitals.

  • Identifying decubitus ulcers on all new admissions
  • Reducing use of diapers amongst patients
  • Encouraging all staff to look for and document decubitus ulcers, even in their earliest stages
  • Paying extra attention to patients who are bed bound or who’s skin comes into contact with medical equipment like oxygen masks or tubing
  • Implementing daily skin checks and intensive, hospital-wide skin checks on a quarterly basis to help the facility keep accurate tabs on how well its wound prevention program is working

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