Pressure Sores Continue To Be A Viscious Sign Of Neglect At Medical Facilities

Viscious Sign Of Neglect At Medical FacilitiesContrary to what some medical facilities suggest, the development of pressure sores during an admission to a facility is not an inevitable part of getting older or something that simply coincides with some medical conditions.  Rather, pressure sores are overwhelmingly the result of inattentive care on the part of the facility.

After all, the prevention of pressure sores is not rocket science!

Basic preventative measures implemented by nursing homes, hospital and other types of long-term care facilities can significantly reduce the incidence of pressure sores.  Well-known preventative measures include:

  • Turning patients at regular intervals
  • Keeping patients clean and dry
  • Ensuring patients are kept well nourished and hydrated
  • Utilizing the latest advancements in pressure reduction technologies– cushions, mattresses ect.

Particularly in patients who may already be disabled or elderly, the development of pressure sores is an especially cruel complication that can cause pain, disability and significantly increase the chances of patients acquiring complex complications such as: sepsis, gangrene or osteomyelitis.

With years of experience representing patients and families in cases involving the development of pressure sores at medical facilities and other types of institutions, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC understands the troubling issues as they weigh on the individual and family.

Should the need arise to seek legal recourse in relation to the development of pressure sores, we invite you to review our expanded Pressure Sore Injury section to our firm website with pages devoted to: Pressure Sores in Nursing Homes, Pressure Sores in Hospitals, Pressure Sores in Assisted Living Facilities, Stages Of Pressure Sores and information on frequent complications such as: Sepsis, Osteomyelitis, Gangrene, Necrotizing Fasciitis and Death.

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