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Pressure Sores Are A Problem Facing All Nursing Home Patients …. Yet, They Remain Generally Preventable

Pressure Sores Are A Problem Facing All Nursing Home PatientsIt appears even in idyllic Idaho, pressure sores are a tremendous problem facing nursing home patients.  As attorney John Kormanik discusses in his recent Nursing Home Abuse Advocate Blog entry,  Idaho Facilities Cited For Failing To Prevent Pressure Sores, a staggering 40.5% of Idaho Nursing Homes were cited for violations relating to improper patient care.

As John points out, pressure sores or decubitus ulcers / pressure ulcers / pressure sores can be prevented with relatively simple techniques such as turning patients on a regular basis to reduce the formation of pressure on the body.

David Terry and I will address turning and repositioning in our upcoming exchange and I look forward to hearing from John regarding his experience with this commonly known preventative technique.

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