Nursing Home Spotlight: Virgil Calvert Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center (Also Known as “Nathan Health Care Center”); East St. Louis, IL

Multiple surveys of the Virgil Calvert Nursing Home (also recently called “Nathan Health Care Center in East St. Louis, IL paint a truly dismal picture of an unsafe and unsanitary facility.

Among the most troubling aspects of the surveys are numerous accounts of roach sightings in kitchen areas. A surveyor in January 2011 spotted several dead roaches lining the shelves of the food pantry, which at the time contained residents’ nutritional supplements and tube feeding supplies.

Nathan Health Care Center“There was a build-up of soil, dirt, debris, paper towels and plastic spoons on the floor behind the ice machine in the pantry,” the surveyor noted, after observing the roaches. “There was also an incontinent pad covered with feces thrown on the floor next to the hopper in the soiled utility room. On all the floors, there’s a build-up of soil and debris  in the corners, and at the floor/wall junctures.”

Along with the unacceptable conditions in utility areas, surveyors noted several dire aspects of residents’ daily life. They included:

  • “Rough, worn and lumpy” incontinent pads
  • “Worn, dingy and threadbare” sheets
  • Lack of hot water
  • Puddles of feeding solution on the floor
  • Residents sitting in their own urine for extended periods
  • Bedpans filled with fecal matter sitting on the floor for hours at a time
  • Nurses failing to deliver sanitary perineal (incontinence) care

As a result of these unsanitary conditions, staff at Virgil Calbert put all 73 residents at risk for infection. Residents were also more at risk for developing pressure sores, as well as suffering falls. Surveyors noted several instances of suspicious falls, along with an instance where a patient’s severe bed sore went untreated for more than a week.

In response to the surveys, Virgil Calbert (which is now called Nathan Health Care Center) promised in February to clean up its pantry, and to provide better living conditions for its residents. It’s unclear, however, how much progress has been made. On March 10, 2011, the Illinois Department of Health issued a “Type A” violation and $12,500 fine against the home, in the area of “policy and procedure.”

If you have a loved one who you think was abused or mistreated at Virgil Calbert, we would be honored to speak with you. Our legal consultations are always free and completely confidential.

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