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Nursing Home Spotlight: Glenwood Healthcare & Rehab; Glenwood, Illinois

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 6.16.57 PM.pngGlenwood Healthcare & Rehab is a large 184-bed facility located just south of Chicago, with an “A” wing and a “B” wing.

According to the government’s Medicare Web site, Glenwood received an overall rating of one out of five stars. While this alone raises several red flags, recent surveys from the Illinois Health Department confirm that Glenwood can indeed be a dangerous place for residents.

What stands out most from the four surveys (completed between August and October of last year) are two appalling incidents of what can only be called extreme negligence.

The first incident, which occurred on July 7, 2010, involved a resident accidentally setting himself on fire with a banned lighter. According to a nurse’s testimony in an August 2010 survey:

“I smelled a prevalent odor of smoke, and immediately called my staff to the nursing station…As I went down the B-wing, the smell of smoke was more evident. [When I got to the resident’s room], I saw burns on his left hand and left upper thigh. The resident said he was trying to refill his lighter.”

This incident was in clear violation of state law, which requires each nursing home to provide adequate supervision of all residents, and to keep its environment as clear from hazards as possible. Needless to say, this incident also put all residents of the home in what the survey calls “immediate jeopardy.”

The second incident, which occurred just a month later, involved a resident’s severely infected pressure sore.  According to a report

“The nurse removed the resident’s dressing, and observed maggots present in the wound. The nurse said that she attempted to clean the resident’s foot with normal saline solution, but that the maggots wouldn’t come off. The nurse said that there were too many maggots to count.”

These two incidents in and of themselves would be grounds for me to be highly suspicious of this facility. But along with these incidents, the surveys found that Glenwood:

  • Had a “pervasive urine odor throughout the facility,” and an overflowing garbage container in the B-wing shower room
  • Consistently failed to serve hot meals on time
  • Harbored at least three patients with dangerous mental disorders.

If you think a loved one might be in jeopardy due or had already suffered harm due to poor to conditions at Glenwood Healthcare & Rehab, we would be honored to speak with you about your situation. As always, consultations are free and completely confidential.

For laws related to Illinois nursing homes, look here.

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