Nursing Home Spotlight: Chateau (or “Chateau Village”) Nursing and Rehab Center; Willowbrook, IL

Chateau (or "Chateau Village") NursingOn November 5, 2010, the Illinois Department of Health issued a “Type A” violation and fine of $6,520 against the Chateau Nursing and Rehab center in Willowbrook, IL. The fine was one of several recent warning signs that something at Chateau is seriously amiss.

According to an August, 2010 survey from the Illinois Department of Health, 27 residents had complaints about mistreatment. These included:

  • Verbal abuse from the staff, including being told to “shut up” and accusations of being “lazy”
  • Being regularly left in unsanitary conditions, including being left to sit on the toilet for hours at a time, and infrequently having diapers changed
  • Developing stage IV pressure sores, as a result of not being turned every two hours
  • Receiving food that was regularly cold and delivered late
  • Suspicious bruises around residents’ eyes and chins

“It does no good to tell the staff any of your concerns,” said one resident. “They don’t do anything about them. If you tell the administrator, he never gets back to you. For months, the same concerns were being addressed with no outcomes. The facility acts as if they don’t like working with the elderly.”

The way that Chateau responded to residents’ complaints was in violation of Illinois state law, which stipulates that “all alleged violations involving neglect or abuse must be reported immediately to the administrator of the facility, as well as to the State survey and certification agency within five working days, and [if verified], appropriate corrective action must be taken.”

Along with numerous accounts of serious abuse (brought forward, in part, by an active residents’ Council), the surveys indicated that Chateau also had recurring problems with distributing proper medications on time. Compared with state law, which says medication errors should never rise above 5 percent, Chateau had a whopping 15 percent error rate.

Though Chateau has requested a hearing in connection to the Health Department’s findings, it still has much ground to cover before it raises its standards to an appropriate level. A recent Medicare report gave Chateau an overall rating of one out of five stars. 

If you have a loved one at Chateau Nursing and Rehab, and are concerned about his or  her well-being, we would honor the opportunity to speak with you. Our legal consultations are always free and confidential.


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One response to “Nursing Home Spotlight: Chateau (or “Chateau Village”) Nursing and Rehab Center; Willowbrook, IL”

  1. Arlene says:

    I work for a nursing home and it is currently a five star facility we do our best but you know what there are a lot of problems and most of it is not because of the staff but because we are understaffed. Bad occurences do happen but its not always because workers are not doing what they should. For instance we had a woman that fell and injured herself and eventually died from complications caused by her fall. If this woman would have been supervised properly about 40 other people would have had to sleep in their own urine. I am so sick of hearing about these cases because no one considers that the residents could possibly putting themselves in harm’s way. If people want there loved ones to not get hurt maybe they should think about bringing back restraints.

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