Are allegations of poor nursing home care really cause for concern?

A steady stream of news headlines highlighting problems at nursing homes across the county is an ongoing concern amongst families with loved ones at facilities.  After a while, I see first hand how the barrage of discouraging new stories begins to rattle the confidence of families have placed in the facilities that they have selected for their loved ones.

Allegations of poor nursing home careWhile it may be easy to discount the allegations of poor care at a facility across town, what happens when the allegations are made against THE facility where your family may be living?

Are the mere allegations enough to yank your loved one out of the facility?  Will facilities take it upon themselves to make improvements after concerning stories have surfaced?

If you have a loved one at Hamlin Place Rehabilitation Center in Boynton Beach, FL, you may have heard about a recently filed wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf a deceased patient at the facility who was allegedly neglected to the point that she developed multiple bed sores on her head and buttocks.

According to news reports, it was only after the patient was taken to a nearby hospital, was the family informed of the severity of her wounds.  Shortly after the wounds were detected, the woman died from complications related to the wounds.

While bed sores are indeed a problem facing nursing home patients across the country, my experience as an attorney who regularly litigated bed sore cases is that these episodes indeed tend to flare up at facilities with real underlying problems that may be more pervasive than a mere isolated event.

When— and if–  allegations of poor care do surface at a nursing home where a loved one may be living, the allegations can either be ignored, discounted or confronted head on.  While nursing home administrators likely will decline to discuss specifics of allegations from a pending lawsuit, my experience is that by bringing concerning allegations to the forefront is indeed important as it makes the facility aware that you are tuned in the issues at the facility.  Perhaps as multiple families come forth with similar concerns, the power of unity will demonstrate to the facility that the substandard care will not be tolerated.


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