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In For Rehab. Out With Bedsores.

Bedsores RehabAn Ohio woman is bringing a lawsuit against Mansfield Memorial Homes for improper care resulting in bedsores.  Dorothy Modcap, 64, sought skilled rehabilitation for a fractured hip following an auto accident.  What she got instead was a bedsore and infection.  According to her attorney, no preventative measures were put in place to prevent the development of the bedsores.  Bill Campell, Modcap’s attorney states:

When you have somebody at that age who is in a wheelchair already, you really have to put interventions in place to make sure the person is turned frequently, or a skin breakdown can develop that turns into a very nasty bedsore.  It is clear that she had absolutely no skin breakdown until she went into the nursing home.

According to public records, Mansfield Memorial Home was recently cited for nine health care violations and five fire safety deficiencies.  Read more about this lawsuit here.

The facts surrounding the above incident are familiar to most nursing home residents who suffer from pressure sores.  Nursing homes must identify people who are susceptible to bedsores and implement care plan for their prevention.  Even the most active and healthy nursing home residents should have preventative care plans in effect.  Failure to implement such a plan represents nursing home neglect.

For more information on nursing homes in Ohio look here. For laws related to Ohio nursing homes, look here.

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  1. Jonathan Rosenfeld's Nursing Homes Abuse Blog says:

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  2. marcy johnson says:

    i could go on and on bout the care. some was very good some i just could not just understand. how could you not no someone shoulder or hip was broken rite a way. so confused. the hip fracture was one of the causes of my grandmas death. which they catch for a week before the dignosis. then a week later she passes away because theres nothing they can do. shes to high risk for surgery. sorry just needed to get at least some off my chest

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