Home Nurse Who Failed To Get Medical Attention For Patient With Severe Bed Sore Now Faces Criminal Charges

Picture-232A home-care nurse has been charged with criminal mistreatment after she failed to seek medical attention for an elderly woman with severe bed sores that ultimately claimed her life.  Prosecutors filed the charges against, Virginia Munger after an investigation revealed that although Munger was aware of advanced bed sores (also referred to as: decubitus ulcers, pressure ulcers or pressure sores) for six months, she took no medical intervention.  Munger was employed as a CNA by Homewell Senior Care, a home-care nursing company.

Read more about this case of senior neglect here.

Home Care Services

Many seniors are turning to home-care services as a way of living independently for longer.  Many of these companies offer senior a variety of medical and non-medical services and provide staffing on as ‘as needed’ basis.  Unlike nursing homes, home-care services are loosely regulated by federal and state officials.

Officials at home care service companies should conduct an assessment to determine what the patient’s needs are and determine if the company can indeed provide those services.  Once the needs are assessed and services are provided, the company should provide supervision of its employees to make sure those services are properly provided and the patient’s needs are continually met.

In the case above, the elderly woman’s family may have a cause of action against the home service company– not necessarily for the criminal conduct of its CNA, but for failing to provide adequate supervision.  Additionally, if the company was made aware of the woman’s bed sores– yet failed to take any action they may similarly be liable for her treatment and death.

Learn more about the laws applicable to Virginia nursing homes here.
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  1. Jonathan Rosenfeld's Nursing Homes Abuse Blog says:

    Court Date Set In Illinois Elder Neglect Case

    Will County, Illinois Judge Amy-Bertani-Tomczak has set a December 2nd court date for two sisters facing criminal neglect charges relating to the care of their mother. Prosecutors brought the charges against Bernice Brandon and Elizabeth Williams after…

  2. Allenmiller says:

    The main thing of home nurse is to take care of the people of home with care and serve with the best effort.If they can’t do this with their best effort then there is no meaning of serve and care.

  3. Loretta Gragg says:

    My father in law was being taken care of by 2 different facilities and 2 people were staying in the house to take care of him. He had met a lady friend who also was supposed to watch out for him,at least that’s what she told him. She took over his bank account would not let family have anything or say so into any matter. We were not notified when or what hospital he was in . We would call around till we would find him then the hospitals wouldn’t give us information. Anyway when her died we had the funeral home to take a picture of his back. They had to put staples to pull the sore together and his back was raw. This should not have happened with 2 facilities and 3 people looking after him.I have filed a complaint with the Georgia Dept. They say no one at fault I find that hard to believe.

  4. Loretta-
    Particularly when there are multiple facilities providing care to a patient, it can be difficult to ascertain who is responsible. While it may be discouraging that there was no finding from the Department of Health, I would encourage you to allow a nursing home attorney to review the matter for potential liability. There are many circumstances where there is civil liability despite the fact that the department of health never cited the facility.

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