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Grandson Alleges Poor Nursing Care Results In Bed Sores “You Could Stick Your Fist” In

Harriman Care and Rehabilitation Center is under investigation after the grandson of a resident claims the facility provided such extraordinarily poor care that his grandfather developed advanced bed sores so big, ‘you could stick your fist in’.  The grandson, William Brummitt claims the care Harriman provided to residents was so poor that it resulted in harm to both his grandfather, William Williams and his grandfather’s roommate, Larry Waldo.

Brummitt claims the facility mistreated Waldo so severely that  he ‘had laid in bed for seven days without a sheet being changed.’  ‘Flies were swarming around his left leg stump, where the femur was exposed,” Brummitt added referring to Waldo’s amputated legs.

Waldo died on June 25th, from “years of neglect to his health” according to a memo from the Roane County District Attorney. Nonetheless, the complaints from Brummitt prompted an autopsy to be performed on Waldo to help determine if the gangrene and subsequent leg amputations were necessitated by poor nursing care or an inevitable medical necessity.

Interestingly, Mr. Brummitt’s mother, Bonnie Brummitt, is the power of attorney for William Williams and has attempted to block her son’s contact with the nursing home.  Are William Brummitt’s allegations accurate or are they nothing more than an unfair portrayal of care at this Tennessee nursing home?  

Read more about the allegations made against Harriman Nursing Home here.

For laws related to Tennessee nursing homes, look here.

Signature HealthCARE LLC

Signature HealthCARE is a Florida-based health care company, operating 21 skilled nursing facilities in Tennessee.  Harriman Nursing Home is a 180-bed facility in eastern Tennessee, that concentrates in both rehabilitation and long-term care.

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