Family Sues Illinois Nursing Home Over Relative’s Death Related To Bed Sores & Infection


[Caption: The VIP Manor nursing home is one of 35 care centers managed by Cypress Health Care.]

The family of a deceased Illinois man is suing the VIP Manor nursing home in Wood River, saying the facility was responsible for their family member’s death.

The Madison-St Clair Record reports that Thomas Woodward, 52, was taken from VIP Manor to a hospital in Effingham, IL in March, 2010. He was diagnosed with severe ed sores, low blood pressure, and a bone infection in his lower spine. During treatment for the bone infection (osteomyelitis), Woodward developed colitis – a serious infection of the colon. Woodward died from colitis in April 2010.

Family member Carl Woodward says VIP Manor violated the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act in its treatment of Thomas Woodward. Carl Woodward is suing VIP Manor for upwards of $150,000.

According to recent Illinois Health Department surveys, VIP Manor has an extensive history of negligence. Just in the past two years, VIP Manor has been found guilty of:

  • Failing to provide sanitary toilet facilities and fresh linens
  • Improperly handling wheelchair-bound patients, leading to severe cuts and falls
  • Routinely botching medications
  • Failing to develop adequate care plans
VIP Manor has also been sued on at least three other occasions. In 2004, a former nurse’s aide filed suit, claiming she was fired for reporting abuse. In 2005, two families alleged that VIP provided improper care for their relatives. All suits are still pending.

Information about VIP Manor was not available on Medicaid’s noted “Nursing Home Compare” Web site.


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