Bed Sore Verdict Against Assisted Living Facility & Home Health Care Agency

I never served on a jury before.  So I’ll have to imagine how difficult it is to serve as the decision-maker in a pending case.  Particularly when evidence is presented by skilled lawyers, I imagine there must be an element of second-guessing both the sincereity of the witnesses and lawyers involved.

In trials involving the development of bed sores at a nursing home or hospital, the frequent defense arguments center around both inevitability of the wounds and perhaps where the actual wound originated. While these arguments indeed have their place, my experience is that these arguments are brought into play for the purpose of bringing an element of confusion into many pressure sore trails.

By the significance of a recent verdict in a trial against an assisted living facility and home health care agency, I’m guessing there wasn’t much second guessing on the juries end!

After a week long trial, a Georgia jury ordered Country Crossing Assisted Living, its  individual owner and Hutcheson Home Health Care to pay more than $9.5 million to the family of a deceased patient, Charlotte Pauline Dean.

Both Hutcheson Home Health Care and Country Crossing Assisted Living were responsible for caring for Ms. Dean prior to her death in 2006.  According to evidence presented at trial, Ms. Dean’s death was related to multiple infected pressure sores while the defendant’s claimed that the she only required treatment for one.

By the significance of this verdict, it it apparent that not only did the jury believe the case presented by the plaintiff’s (the woman’s family), but perhaps more importantly, that the defendants’ care was inadequate to say the least.


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