Bed Sore Treatment: Wound VAC

Wound Vac TreatmentIn cases involving advanced bed sores (also called: pressure sores, pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers), a wound vac or negative pressure wound therapy can be used to heal the bed sore.  A plastic bandage is used to cover the wound and a tube attached to a vacuum machine draws out moisture. The process can be painful, but the use of wound vacs drastically shorten the healing process and reduce risk of infection.  This is a useful video demonstrating wound vac process.


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  1. malu clavecilla says:

    great post! wound vacs are terrific especially in nursing homes but sometimes pose a challenge in the home care setting. Clients need to be aware of what to do and what not to do in cases of sudden bleeding and problems with the machine. Hydrocolloids or duoderms protect the periwound area, hence highly recommended.

  2. ltc ns says:

    Of course no mention that the wound vac with an average charge of $200/day is not covered by Medicaid per diem payments nor is an add-on enhanced reimbursement under Medicare Part A PPS payment.

  3. abbas says:

    hello jon
    i am a nurse from iran (yazd)
    your site is very good
    thank you

  4. Suan Reef says:

    Any idea of length of time for healing, understanding that each wound is dfifferent? Is the vac left on 24 hrs/day? How paInful?

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