Wrongful Death Lawsuit Claims That Assisted Living Facility Failed To Care For Vulnerable Patient

The family of a resident at a Wisconsin assisted living facility has filed a lawsuit against the facility and it parent company, Assisted Living Concepts LTD, in relation to the events leading up to her death in 2010.  In particular, the lawsuit claims that Marilyn Brown was admitted to Cedar Gardens in July, 2008 for assistance with her dementia and repeated urinary tract infections.

Wrongful Death LawsuitOver the course of her stay at the assisted living facility, the staff gradually provided less and less assistance for Ms. Brown’s daily living needs.  In addition to lack of daily care, the lawsuit further claims that the staff at the facility failed to properly supervise Ms. Brown which resulted in multiple falls.  It was a fall in December, 2009 that resulted in fractures to her hip and shoulder that lead to Ms. Brown’s death shortly thereafter.

Despite Assisted Living Concepts ongoing profitability as a chain of assisted living operators (having more than 34% increases in quarterly profits compared with last year), the lawsuit alleges that the company fails to pass along adequate funds for the facility to hire and train sufficient staff to ensure the safety of its residents.

As a lawyer who commonly represents the elderly in lawsuits against assisted living facilities and nursing homes, I frequently attribute the poor care to the facilities parent company that frequently makes a conscious decision to cutting staffing levels to a bare-boned levels.  I frequently see facilities hiring the least qualified staff and continually paying them far lower wages than they would make in other settings.

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  1. onewhocares says:

    Eveyrone who has a loved one in an assisted living facililty in this country should bookmark this website and read daily. I am a nurse who worked two years in an Assisted Living/Memory Care facility in North Carolina. Oversight by state is horrible. It was the exact same situations as in the story above. These corporations are making money hand over fist and NOT PROVIDING ENOUGH STAFF to care adequately for these folks. It’s criminal. Until there are more lawsuits and people advocate for their loved ones it will be allowed to continue. Very often families aren’t even told about problems or issues such as resident abuse. Yes, it exists. These places need full reviews and NOT BY STATE officials who allow problems to continue even when they know otherwise. Anyone who works in an assisted living facility (for a large corporation) knows exactly what I’m talking about. Visit frequently at odd times. Visit during mealtime and see that people are being fed. Bodily check your loved one for bruises. BE INVOLVED.

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