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Now That We Rate Nursing Homes, Is It Time To Rate Other Adult-Care Facilities?

Families looking for facilities to care for their loved ones in North Carolina may begin having an easier time selecting an adequate adult day care, assisted living facility (ALF) or residential care facility for the elderly (RCFE) after the state implements a new rating system.  Similar to the well-publicized Medicare-rating system for nursing homes, North Carolina will rate assisted living centers and adult group homes on a four star system.

Nursing Homes RatingsUnlike a current three-star system currently in place, the four-star system is intended to more accurately categorize facilities according to the quality of the care they provide.  Additionally, the newer rating system is intended to penalize facilities for providing inadequate care for stemming from problems such as medication errors and patient wandering.

Not surprisingly, some industry groups believe the new rating system may not provide a complete picture of each facility.  In this respect, I could not agree more.  No rating system– no matter how well conceived– can take the place of an in person visits (and preferably visits).

Nonetheless, I certainly am a fan of any system that can help families with the difficult decision of what facility to select for a loved one.  As a lawyer who handles cases involving abuse and neglect in a group home setting, I wish other states would implement more intensive regulations of these facilities to protect our elderly population.

Read more about the new rating system for group homes here.

For laws related to North Carolina nursing homes, look here.


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