More Regulations In Store For Assisted Living Facilities In Georgia

Regulations For Assisted Living Facilities In GeorgiaNew regulations passed by the Georgia General Assembly may help clarify the services that assisted living facilities in Georgia can provide to their residents.  Recognizing an ambiguity in the laws applicable to assisted living facilities, Georgia legislators drew upon similar regulations from Maryland, North Carolina and Oregon to create a more clear cut list of services that assisted living facilities within the state can and cannot provide.

Among the new rules for assisted living facilities in Georgia:

  • Certified medication aides will be allowed to help residents with their prescriptions
  • More non-ambulatory will be permitted to remain at assisted living facilities as opposed to being transferred automatically to nursing homes
  • Private-pay assisted living facilities will face different regulations than their publicly funded counterparts

As the distinctions between assisted living facilities, group homes and nursing homes get clarified, facilities will be given an opportunity to phase in the new regulations over an extended period of time.  Most of the new assisted living regulations will be put into full effect next year.

As alternative care facilities take on a larger role in the care of our seniors, I am glad to see the new regulations proposed.  If nothing else, hopefully the new regulations will help families learn the specific types of care each facility can provide in a clear-cut manner.

Read more about the new regulations applicable to assisted living facilities in Georgia here.


One response to “More Regulations In Store For Assisted Living Facilities In Georgia”

  1. jimmie says:

    Senate Bill 178 was designed to help residents of assisted living facilities remain in place, and not be forced to enter nursing homes. This is especially good news IF STAFFING IS ADEQUATE. This is a big IF because if they’re using North Carolina as a model, the regs for staffing are not adequate as any assisted living employee knows. The big AL chains don’t want to add additional help due to money yet they are accepting sicker residents. Currently NC assisted living facilities are not able to adequately care for these infirm residents with current staffing regulations. Also required will be more LPNs on staff and since AL (in NC) accepts heavy care (bordering on skilled) residents, an RN should be overseeing nursing staff which NC also doesn’t require. Congratulations to Five Star Senior Living for starting to require RNs in their assisted living facilities. Hope others will follow suit. With Georgia instituting new regulations, it’s time for ALL STATES to examine regulations for assisted living. For those we serve, PLEASE take a hard look at memory care units which are grossly understaffed by people who are not adequately trained to deal with this population..

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