In Rare Move, State Moves To Close Assisted Living Facility Following Discovery Of Abuse & Neglect

Texas, like many states, is usually somewhat hesitant to close down assisted living facilities.  After all, the closures impose a level of stress on residents whom must find an alternative living arrangement. Similarly, the closures are generally accompanied by a good deal of criticism from the owners of the facility itself.

However, sometimes enough is just enough at dangerous facilities simply cannot be given further opportunities to improve without further jeopardy to the people who live there.  For just the fifth time in the last five years, the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services found such horrendous living conditions they were forced to order a Corpus Christi assisted living facility to close.

On April 15th, Texas officials ordered Affordable Quality Care Assisted Living Facility to close following confirmation of residents who were repeatedly abused and neglected.  Citing information gathered from facility employees and general observation by state investigators, the state’s report chronicled horrendous care such as:

Discovery Of Abuse & Neglect

  • Patients forced to wear soiled diapers around their necks
  • Patients left unattended on toilets for hours on end
  • Incontinence pads pinned to clothes
  • Staff roughly handling patients in wheelchairs
  • Patients with unknown and undocumented injuries
  • Unlabeled medications

As a lawyer who litigates matters involving the negligence of assisted living facilities, I hope more states begin to flex their regulatory muscle when it comes to the regulation dangerous assisted living facilities, group homes and residential care facilities for the elderly.  Certainly, the transition to other facilities may not be easy for the patients, but when dangerous conditions abound, enough is enough.

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