How Much Freedom Should Assisted Living Facilities Give The Mentally Disabled?

Elder Freedom in Assisted Living FacilitiesA mentally and physically disabled woman walked out of an Maple Crest Manor, an assisted living facility in St. Louis, MO,  and unknown to the facility boarded a bus to Chicago, IL.  The woman left the assisted living facility for what the staff suspected would be ‘a long walk’.  After several hours passed without sight of the woman, the facility contacted the woman’s legal guardian who then alerted police.

Chicago police called local Missouri authorities after finding the woman’s name on the national database for missing and endangered people.  The woman was brought by authorities safely back to the facility in St. Louis.  No charges were filed against the assisted living facility or the legal guardian.

Authorities report the woman has the mental capacity of a 7-year-old.  This begs the question: Would you let your 7-year-old walk around unsupervised?  Clearly, this incident should have been prevented with the adoption of a more restrictive leave policy for residents.


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  4. Nannette says:

    Wow as a Nurse in Chicago and a resident I found your web page very informative. I’ve never been able to work in a facility more than three day’s once I’ve found out the staff didn’t care about the residents. Ofcourse this is evident by the look of the residents.If you go to a facillity owned by a corporation and then visit one of their other sites the care is inconsistant. The administrator pushes to raise the census but no one is coming there,but know one wants to here your ideas to make it better for the patients. It’s all about the bottom line!!!! Thank You,a Nurse that works hard to do what I was trained Give Good Care!!!!

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