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Family Claims Assisted Living Facilities Neglect Resulted In Death Of Mentally Disabled Woman

The family of a 51-year-old woman with cerebral palsy has brought a lawsuit against the assisted living facility where she was a patient.  The lawsuit alleges that Country Crossing Assisted Living Facility (Georgia) failed to properly care for the mentally disabled woman during the course of her four year stay and intentionally hid her physical condition from her family.

Neglect Resulted In Death Of Mentally Disabled WomanThe wrongful death lawsuit alleges that the assisted living facilities neglect resulted in severe malnourishment and advanced pressure sores.   Quoting a nurse who used to work at the facility, the lawsuit further alleges that the facility failed to train new employees and keep records related to the patients medical treatment.

A Georgia jury will soon decide if the allegations of poor care are indeed true as the case is set to go to trial in the Walker County Courthouse.

My take on this lawsuit:

As a personal injury lawyer who is involved in many cases involving claims against nursing homes and assisted living facilities, I imagine that this assisted living facility will claim that the woman’s family failed to properly look after her.  While this claim may seem cold-hearted (and it is), jurors typically have a difficult time awarding money to an estranged family.

Litigation issues aside, I strongly believe that patients receive superior care when their family actively participates in their care and visits on a regular basis.  Like it or not, staff notice a families presence and tend to provide more care to the patients with an active group of visitors.

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