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Another Iowa Assisted Living Facility Chooses To Abandon Its License

Right on the heels of Dubuque Retirement Community, formerly Iowa’s largest assisted living center, Jefferson Point Assisted Living Center has announced it will no longer operate as an ‘assisted living facility’.  Operators of Jefferson Point will now operate the facility as an apartment complex.  Residents who require medical assistance may elect to remain in the building and pay for 24-hour medical care.

Iowa Assisted Living Facility Chooses To Abandon Its LicenseJefferson Point has a history of failing to meet minimum standards of care and has received multiple fines from Iowa regulators. Ann Martin of the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals believes these assisted living centers’ actions legal but unprecedented.  According to Martin, there will be no oversight of the centers’ care of their residents.

I hope the current residents and families at these facilities appreciate the impact of these changes.  With no regulation or oversight, the residents are essentially at the mercy of these operators when it comes to the quality of care provided.  My guess is that these Iowa facilities may be starting a dangerous trend with respect to the de-regulation of assisted living facilities across the county.

Read the details regarding this Iowa facility here.

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