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An Inspirational Tale: Daughter Doesn’t Let Chicagoland Assisted Living Facility Push Her Around

An Inspirational TaleThere’s an inspirational story in the Chicago Tribune for families who have loved ones in nursing homes and assisted living facilities and feel as though the facilities are taking advantage of a captive audience—particularly in a financial sense.

The article chronicles the troubles encountered by Laura Merens, who’s 89-year-old father died shortly after arrangements had been made for him to live at an assisted living facility in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago.  Sadly, Ms. Merens’ father was never able to enjoy the $6,876 for  ‘arrangements’ his daughter had arranged for him at The Park of Golf Mill in Niles, IL.

However, like many nursing homes and assisted living facilities, The Park required extensive pre-payment for services such as: food, apartment, and recreational activities.

Never having utilized any of the benefits— over ever stepping foot in the facility for that matter– Ms. Meren’s requested a refund of the pre-paid services from The Park’s parent company, Horizon Bay Retirement Living.  Despite several requests for re-payment of expenses, the facility was unwilling to refund any of the expenses— that is until Ms. Meren’s got the Problem Partners involved.

Shockingly, once the publicity that accompanies a large newspaper columnist’s request for a refund came along, a refund check was issued to Ms. Meren for a substantial portion of her payments.

Surely, as consumers, people at nursing homes and assisted living facilities deserve to get their monies worth.  Hopefully, this story will serve as an inspiration for others to keep pursuing facilities that fail to act in an ethical manner and take advantage of a captive audience.

For laws related to Illinois nursing homes, look here.


Daughter battles assisted-living facility after father dies, by Jon Yates Chicago Tribune February 6, 2011

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