Admissions To Emeritus Assisted Living Facility Suspended After State Finds Problems With Patient Care

Assisted Living Facility Suspended For the second time this year, Massachusetts officials have suspended new admissions to an assisted living facility after they discovered problems that could jeopardize patient safety.  Last week, the state’s Executive Office of Elder Affairs banned Emeritus at Farm Pond from admitting new patients after multiple deficiencies were discovered during an inspection of the facility.

According to the senior executive director at the facility, Brian Beausoleil,  the concerns centered around: the timing of resident care assessments, management of medication inventory, evaluation of response time to emergency calls and evacuation planning.

The terms of the suspension require Emeritus to submit a corrective plan as to how the facility will address the violations.

Accord to Mr. Beausoleil, this is an “isolated situation”.  But no need to worry about this situation…

We look forward to receiving a clean survey report in a few weeks so that we may return to business as usual.

Business as usual?

Situations such as this make me question the safety of patients at this facility— now and in the future.  Surely, a written plan of correction can be prepared and submitted to officials in short order, but doesn’t it take some time to train staff?

Am I the only one who views Mr. Beausoleil’s comments as a bit dismissive of the underlying safety issues?  Here we have a leader at the facility seemingly more concerned about resuming ‘business as usual’ when there are apparent problems that threaten his residents.  With leadership such as this, I fear that this corrective plan is nothing more than window dressing on an underlying problem.


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State suspends certification of Framingham assisted living facility, The MetroWest Daily News by Scott O’Connell August 9, 2011


2 responses to “Admissions To Emeritus Assisted Living Facility Suspended After State Finds Problems With Patient Care”

  1. jimmie l. says:

    Your comments are right on Mr. Rosenfeld. At least Massachusetts shuts these places down until problems are corrected. And yes, the comments of the director were dismissive. That’s because he knows they’ll do a corrective plan of action, re-open and things will go on as usual. After two decades of working in this field I’ve learned that assisted living is a BUSINESS. Revenue is priority not patient care. Horror stories growing by leaps and bounds -thank you for bringing many of these to the public’s attention. Families need to know. I will NEVER reside in assisted living knowing what I do – in any state. Neither will any of my loved ones. I made excellent money running a place like this but finally had to quit because I got tired of fighting corporate supervisors who did whatever it took to generate revenue and weren’t supportive in trying to provide quality care.

  2. lynn says:

    I totally agree..My mom was in the Emeritus assisted living in just under 1 1/2 years she was robbed 3 times…management at this facility was the worst!! They never got back to you regarding problems…fees were increased with no notifications ..they just appeared on bills..if you questioned this no one ever got back to you ..Even after my moms death they are still trying to squeeze every penny from us.. Unless her regular aide was on duty response time to calls was not existent ..Also although she was on a medication program again if the regular nurse wasn’t there she would go down & collect her own meds..Save your money & sanity & find another facility other than Emeritus…don’t believe anything they promise you ..unfortunately there are some very very caring people who help the residents but they don’t get any notice ..

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