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Information & Ratings on New Haven Living Center (Violations)

Nursing homes provide a valuable service to our loved ones and to society as a whole. A majority of these homes provide competent and safe skilled care. However, some nursing homes have care deficiencies that can harm the residents that live there. When that resident is your family member, it is devastating for your family. Nursing homes can be held accountable for any mistreatment of residents or any errors in care that cause harm to their residents. You need a lawyer on your side if you believe that there is a possibility that your loved one has suffered injury due to the care they have received in a nursing home. 

The New Haven Living Center is a small skilled nursing facility with 60 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The home provides long-stay services to residents of Odessa, MO and the Greater Kansas City area. It has for-profit ownership and is located at:

609 Golf St 
Odessa, MO 64076
(816) 230-7530
URL: New Haven Living Center

When a nursing home is inspected by the federal government, it is subject to fines if there are violations that are serious or if an infraction causes actual harm to a patient. While nursing homes are sometimes able to improve their care after receiving a fine, these penalties are never a good sign. They impact the nursing home's quality rating which is assigned by Medicare and usually results in a one-star overall rating, which represents the bottom tier of nursing homes.

This nursing home received a small fine in February 2017. The inspection that resulted in the fine was initiated as a result of a complaint filed against the facility. In the event that a complaint is filed, examiners, either from the state or federal governments may visit the nursing home to determine the validity of the complaint and assess a citation or penalty against the nursing home if necessary. 

For this particular investigation, the nursing home was found to have provided inadequate hygiene for several residents. One resident received one bath each week for several weeks. Another received two baths for an entire month. Resident cleanliness is important for many reasons, especially because poor hygiene can lead to the spread of infection as well as illness for that patient. Another resident specifically requested a bath on a day and was told that no more baths would be given that day. The facility had admitted that many baths were missed recently because of staffing issues. Many nursing homes have policies that state that residents can receive baths upon request and all nursing homes require a certain minimum amount of baths that is more than one per week. 

Additionally, the inspection report assessed a health citation to the nursing home for several failures with regard to falls. One particular resident fell from a mechanical lift while being transferred. The resident sustained a serious head injury. The fall was determined to be the result of human error. The wrong sling was used when transferring the resident. Another resident suffered an injury from a fall and the facility's actions were limited to ordering an x-ray of the injury. No change to the resident's care plan was made for fall prevention. 

The standard inspection was undertaken several months after the February 2017 complaint investigation. This inspection resulted in ten health citations assessed to the facility. One citation was for the failure of the nursing home to have a CPR certified staff member on every shift. It is a requirement that there be at least one person in the facility at all times who is CPR certified. When interviewed, the Director of Nursing stated that they were unaware that there was nobody who was CPR certified scheduled to work each of those shifts. 

Additionally, the May 2017 inspection report stated that the facility failed to monitor several residents' prescriptions for anti-psychotic drugs. These medications need to actively monitored and should not be a course of treatment of first resort for residents. Instead, the facility should attempt non-pharmacological interventions before administering these medications. When residents are taking these medications, staff should actively monitor the resident's progress and condition and should continuously assess whether these medications are necessary. 

Finally, this facility has an abnormally high rate of hospitalizations among its residents. This nursing home has nearly 3.4 hospitalizations for every 1,000 resident days. This is practically double the national rate of 1.7 hospitalizations. This puts the New Haven Living Center is position to receive a penalty from Medicare that could take away up to two percent of its reimbursement. 

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