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Nebraska Nursing Home NegligenceIf your loved one is a patient in a Nebraska nursing home, you want to make sure the staff takes all necessary steps to prevent the development of decubitus ulcers (bedsores; pressure ulcers; pressure sores). This is because bedsores are a major underlying cause of death of elderly individuals, especially those that are mobility challenged. Providing proper care, the nursing staff can prevent your loved one from developing pressure sores through:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the patient’s skin when admitted to the facility
  • Regular daily skin inspections from head to toe
  • Routine readjusting of the patient’s body to alleviate pressure on specific pressure points
  • Ensuring the patient remains dry and clean
  • Providing highly nutritious meals and sufficient hydration

At least once every two hours, the nursing staff should readjust the patient’s body to ensure the pressure is alleviated from bony prominences including the back of the head, shoulder blades, shoulders, sacrum, hipbones, ankles, toes and heels. Additionally, the skin on the patient’s entire body should be assessed once or twice every day to look for any early indicators of a developing bedsore.

Decubitus ulcers develop when pressure remains too long at any area on the body. The pressure from the body resting on a bed or sitting in a chair restricts blood flow and cuts off necessary oxygen to feed skin and tissue. Within a couple of hours, the lack of oxygen can begin to kill off the tissue at the site, causing a bedsore to develop. Most bedsores can be avoided by simply alleviating the pain every two hours day and night.

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When a Bedsore Develops at Nursing Home, Hospital or Assisted Living Facility

Negligence is usually the root cause of any developing bedsore in a nursing facility. Serious medical problems can occur from inattention when the staff is overworked or lacks sufficient training. Blisters and red dots will appear at the reddened site during initial stage of a developing bedsore. Typically, the surrounding skin will feel softer or firmer than the affected wound. In its early development, the decubitus ulcer usually shows no signs of abrasion.

However, without proper attention, the pressure ulcer can easily progress, where a shallow crater appears exposing dead tissue and fat deposits. In advancing stages, the crater begins to deepen, exposing the patient’s bone, muscles, tendons and fat. At this severe stage, any infection can be a serious life-threatening condition if not properly managed with effective antibiotics. The final stages of the decubitus ulcer can be extremely challenging to control and healing often requires the skills of experienced medical professionals who specialize in severe bedsores.

Determining When Neglect Is Involved

For many families, placing a loved one in a nursing facility is a last resort. However, they are often comforted in knowing that the staff provides all patients quality care. Because of that, it can be very disturbing to know that their loved one acquired a bedsore while at the facility. Families are often shocked when it is revealed that the bedsore could have been avoided had the nursing home provided proper care.

A facility-acquired decubitus ulcer is often the first indication that the patient is being neglected. In properly managed homes, nurses fully document the condition of every patient’s skin. The patient’s medical chart will note every detected sign of a developing sore and the steps taken to allow it to properly heal. If your loved one developed a pressure ulcer while at a nursing home, it is essential to take legal action.

Hire a Nebraska Bed Sore Law Firm to Prosecute a Case

Hiring an attorney is usually the best option for holding those responsible accountable for harming your loved one while in a nursing home. A reputable Nebraska decubitus ulcer attorney can stop the abuse immediately. The law firms listed below have immediate access to qualified medical personnel trained in treating life-threatening pressure ulcers. These professionals provide services in many Nebraska cities including:

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