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Mississippi Nursing HomeReceiving a notification that a loved one residing in a nursing home has a debilitating pressure ulcer can be a shocking an unexpected experience. In many incidences, the medical staff or administration tells the family that a pressure ulcer (bedsore; decubitus ulcer; pressure sore) is just an expected occurrence of a loved one growing older. However, nearly all pressure ulcers are avoidable when the sore is detected in its early stages.

In many incidences, families have no option but to place their loved ones in nursing facilities to receive treatment by trained, competent medical professionals. Often times, patients with mobility issues are unable to reposition their body without assistance, making them highly susceptible to developing a bedsore. However, with proper monitoring and readjusting the body every two hours or less, the patient can be protected from developing pressure sores.

Bedsores can develop quickly when pressure on the body is not alleviated. As a part of the nursing staff’s responsibilities, they are required to routinely monitor the patient’s skin and treat any bedsore acquired at the facility. When a decubitus ulcer is first detected on the patient’s skin in its initial stage, simple steps can be taken to prevent its progression.

Bedsore Staging Used to Determine a Wound’s Severity

A bedsore develops when body pressure makes contact with the bed, pad, mattress or any surface, including another body part. The pressure restricts blood flow to skin tissue, depriving the area of much-needed oxygen. Within hours, the affected area can begin to die, causing serious injury at the site. However, with routine monitoring, the nursing staff can ensure that the pressure is released before it causes any damage to the skin.

If the bedsore is not detected early, or the staff treats it improperly, the sore can quickly become an open wound as it progresses into advanced stages. The wound will begin to open, creating a small crater where underlying fat is exposed. Within days, the sore can progress to a life-threatening condition where the open wound becomes deep, exposing muscle and bone, making the area highly vulnerable to life-threatening infection. The most advanced stages of decubitus ulcers typically involve blood infection (sepsis) or bone infection (osteomyelitis).

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Nursing Staff Negligence Behind Many Episodes of Advanced Pressure Sores

In many incidences, the nursing home employees lack proper training to ensure the safety of all patients. Other times, due to overcrowding, the nursing facility lacks a sufficient workforce to monitor the skin of every patient adequately, especially those with mobility challenges.

Nearly any advanced stage pressure sore acquired in the facility is the result of negligence by the medical staff. Other times, the nursing facility fails to develop, implement and enforce a “repositioning” routine on patients to ensure that their bodies are turned or readjusted every two hours or less, around-the-clock.

Legal Options Available for Those with Advanced Pressure Ulcers in MS

Nursing facility medical teams are given the legal responsibility of ensuring that every patient is provided quality healthcare and protected from every harm. Any failure in the staff’s duty that results in acquired bedsore can be considered negligence, and open to legal recourse by family members forced to stop the neglect and seek recompense.

Hiring a Mississippi pressure ulcer lawyer is the best solution to stop the negligent acts occurring at the facility. A skilled attorney can ensure that the loved one begins receiving proper medical care at the nursing home, by sending in a professional medical team that specializes in life-threatening bedsores. These services are provided in cities all throughout Mississippi including:

  • Jackson
  • Gulfport
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  • Greenville

The family can hold those legally at fault accountable for causing harm to their loved one. In many incidences, filing a lawsuit or claim for financial compensation provides the family members the funds they need to ensure that their loved one is kept from additional harm. Fill out the form here to make contact with a reputable Mississippi pressure ulcer lawyer. These attorneys offer an initial no obligation free consultation to discuss legal options for stopping the abuse now.

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