Information on Michigan Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Lawsuit Case Values

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are about 16,000 nursing home facilities providing care to more than two million patients in the United States. About 70% of these facilities are for-profit businesses, and unfortunately nursing home abuse and neglect are relatively common.

Michigan ranks number 4 overall in a nationwide study of states that have the best protections for elderly citizens, but this doesn’t mean that abuse does not occur.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Found in Michigan Nursing Homes

Nursing home abuse and neglect takes many forms:

  1. Physical Abuse

    This applies to any type of physical injury from intentional assaults, or negligent, excessive force when repositioning or moving patients.

  2. Injuries From Inadequate Care

    Failure to keep living quarters, sheets, and clothes clean can cause infection and sickness, and poor patient monitoring may cause a medical condition to remain unchecked for a dangerous amount of time. A 50-year-old Michigan woman died in 2005 due to nursing home staff failing to replace her oxygen tanks. This neglect recently resulted in 18 felony counts for 8 former caregivers.

  3. Sexual Abuse

    This can apply to any type of sexual misconduct, such as sexual battery, rape, or forcing a resident to view pornographic material.

  4. Falling Injuries

    Cluttered facilities, unmarked wet floors, and improper caregiver practices may also cause severe injuries from falls.

  5. Bedsores

    Patients requiring extensive bedrest or who struggle with limited mobility often require regular repositioning to prevent pressure ulcers.

  6. Medication Errors

    Caregivers and nursing home staff must follow prescribing doctors’ instructions exactly and ensure proper administration of all patient medications.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services strongly encourages anyone who witnesses or suspects nursing home abuse or neglect of any kind to report it immediately to Adult Protective Services. If you visit an elderly loved one in a nursing home or notice any signs of abuse or neglect while visiting a nursing home, file a report immediately. Some of the most common signs of nursing home abuse and neglect include:

  • Bedsores. These pressure ulcers develop when a patient requiring extensive bedrest or wheelchair use remains in one position for too long. Caregivers must regularly reposition them to prevent bedsores.
  • Repeat falls. Every nursing home must assess individual patient falling risks and take preventative measures against falling injuries.
  • Unexplained injuries. Investigate any sudden bruises, cuts, or other injuries; all nursing homes should keep records of every patient medical event.
  • Sudden personality changes. An elderly person suffering abuse or neglect on a regular basis may develop symptoms of anxiety, depression, or appear distracted or withdrawn during visits with family.
  • Unexplained death. Immediately investigate the sudden death of a loved one no matter his or her prior medical condition. It is essential to rule out abuse or neglect for any sudden nursing home death.

Hidden cameras captured evidence of multiple types of abuse to a Michigan man in a Detroit metro area nursing home. Video clips show physical and verbal abuse and have resulted in termination for all involved staff, as well as training for all other staff members.

In another example, a Michigan woman suspected neglect of her husband in the form of hunger, dehydration, and lack of clean, sanitary conditions. Her complaints reached the state Attorney General and resulted in a hidden camera investigation and the arrests of 4 staff members.

How Much Is My Michigan Nursing Home Negligence Case Worth?

Many factors determine the value of a nursing home abuse or neglect lawsuit. Plaintiffs can claim compensation for economic damages like additional medical expenses and lost income from time spent caring for an abused or neglected loved one.

A lawsuit can also compensate the victim and his or her family for their pain and suffering. Other factors include the age and overall medical status of the victim, the conduct of the facility, and the nature of the abuse or neglect in question. Some examples of case values for different types of nursing home abuse and neglect claims include:

  1. Bedsore Settlements
  2. Fall Settlements
  3. Inadequate Care Settlements
  4. Medical Error Settlements
  5. Nursing Home Abuse Settlements

If you believe your loved one has suffered any kind of abuse or neglect in a Michigan nursing home, report the issue immediately and then contact us to learn more about your rights to recovery and how a lawsuit could help. Once we assess your individual case, we can determine the types of compensation available in your claim and the likelihood of succeeding with a lawsuit.


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