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Information & Ratings on Mary, Queen and Mother Center (Violations)

Nursing homes must adhere to professional standards of practice in caring for their residents. This standard governs both how staff helps the resident with their activities of daily living and provides medical care for the resident. Many things can happen at a skilled nursing facility that violate this standard of care. For example, neglect is a failure to provide the appropriate care. If your family member has been injured due to the failure of a nursing home, you may have a legal cause of action. Winning a lawsuit against a nursing home or obtaining a settlement is not necessarily an easy task. Proving negligence or some other sort of breach of the duty of task can be complicated and often requires expert legal counsel.

Even if a nursing home is owned by a non-profit entity, they may still be found liable if their actions or negligence has harmed your loved one. They can be sued just as any other nursing home and would have to pay the same jury award as a for-profit nursing home. 

Mary, Queen and Mother Center is a large-sized facility that has 230 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It provides short-stay and long-stay services to residents of the Greater Saint Louis area. It has non-profit ownership and is affiliated with a church. It is located at:

7601 Watson Rd 
St. Louis, MO 63119
(314) 961-8000
URL: Mary Queen and Mother Center

Federal regulations set forth standards that nursing homes must follow in order to remain in the Medicare program. These regulations contain care guideposts that, if breached, can be evidence that the nursing home has done something that could make them liable. Granted, not every violation of a regulation is grounds for a lawsuit. However, if you can show that the bad act, or even failure to act, of a nursing home injured your loved one, then you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Since nursing homes are inspected, and the reports of those inspections are made public, you can know of every time a nursing home has not complied with a federal regulation. 

This nursing home has received a one-star overall rating from Medicare because it has received several inspection reports that have revealed a multitude of care deficiencies. In addition, there has also been one complaint that led to an investigation where the facility was given a citation. The facility's overall rating has resulted in part from a 2017 inspection that resulted in 12 health citations for the nursing home.

The Mary, Queen and Mother Center was the subject of a complaint investigation in November 2017. The home was found to have failed to provide the proper care to prevent pressure ulcers. Otherwise known as bedsores, pressure ulcers can dangerous in that they can cause a serious infection. Here, a resident had a combination of a soft cast, ace bandage and leg immobilizer. While this was on their leg, an unstageable pressure ulcer developed. Staff did not assess the skin under the cast while the soft cast was in place, even though it would have been possible to assess the skin even with the cast. 

In addition, the facility failed to employ an RN as the Director of Nursing for the required eight hours per day. This went on for a period of two months. The facility had named a new DON, but the designee was going through training and was not yet able to work. It is vital that a nursing home be properly staffed. Many functions and situations are required to involve the Director of Nursing. They are a first line for a nursing home when there are certain complaints and other issues. 

Many nursing home are not adequately staffed. Nurses are a cost to a facility and the more staff that is hired, the greater the impact to the bottom line. As a result, some nursing homes try to provide care for their residents with the minimum amount of staff. Mary, Queen and Mother Center, while it did not receive a one-star rating in the area of staffing, only has 16 minutes of RN time per day for each residents. RNs are usually the most skilled type of nurses who get paid the most. A lack of RNs can mean deficient care across the facility, as there are not enough highly-skilled nurses to provide care for the residents. Mary, Queen and Mother Center is a large facility with a high census count and, as a result, it is vital that the nursing home be fully staffed.

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