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Nursing Home Marketing Guide

Nursing homes can be solemn places. They shelter the sick. They house the elderly. For many, it can be a place of desperation. Yet, nursing homes offer much more than that. They entertain residents. They comfort them. They bring joy to their lives through community.

You need to emphasis the positive aspects of your nursing home. Crafting a strategic marketing approach will ensure your facility stands above the rest. This is important too. Competition in the nursing field is fierce. Many others will say they can offer the same services. Use solid marketing practices to differentiate your home. In the sections below, we offer a guide to nursing home marketing. We show you how to paint your home with a different brush!

Benefits of a Nursing Home

With all the flak that nursing homes get, it can be hard to figure out why someone would go there. Why should you move one of your loved ones into a home? Many people can’t answer this. To solve that question, let’s first identify what a home be. At its core, care facilities offer community and service. They give the sick and old a place to connect. They also give them the medical and other care they need. Now, let’s go over some of the specific benefits of nursing homes in detail.

  • Supervision. Sometimes it’s just good to have another set of eyes watching over your loved one. That’s what you get with a nursing home. Lots of staff are dedicated to monitoring residents. This is especially helpful when someone living there has Alzheimer’s or dementia.

  • Immediate Assistance. For all of life’s daily chores, nursing homes supply help. Your loved one might need a hand with dressing, eating, or moving around. Nursing homes are ready to offer a hand of friendship and support for those tasks.

  • Meals. Nursing homes provide residents with all meals, snacks, and drinks. Plus, they do this in consultation with their dietician. This can be really helpful when residents have complex health problems. Home staff can align those issues with the proper diet to make sure they’re living well.

  • Health Care. Entering a nursing home means direct access to health care. Nursing homes have nurses and other medical professionals on staff to take care of residents. Plus, they can coordinate with other providers should your medical needs require further assistance. Combine this with 24-7 support and your loved one’s health will be in the best possible hands.

  • Social Life. Moving into a nursing home shouldn’t put your social life on hold. Joining many nurses means entering a world of life-minded people. You might find their company fulfilling. You might also enjoy the many social events that facilities hold.

This sampling clearly displays the benefits of nursing homes. All in all, they help shift the burden of care from families to qualified professionals. Yet, marketing their appeal still has its hurdles. We review those now. Then, we offer strategies to surpass them and push your nursing home to the top!

Challenges of Marketing Nursing Homes

We’ve all seen the headlines. Every day, naysayers and critics take cheap shots at nursing homes. It might hurt. It doesn’t mean they’re right. Here are some actual challenges that might slow your nursing home marketing approaches.

  • Nature of the work. Nursing homes help people that are in tough straits. They might not want to be there. Plus, homes give advanced care. It can be difficult to translate this into palatable and pithy slogans. Nursing home work is substantive, changing, and complicated. If you can paint your home as a partner for those in need, you might do better.

  • Litigation. Plaintiffs’ attorneys have been on the hunt for nursing home cases. Over the last few decades, we’ve seen an explosion of these lawsuits. This taints all of your marketing efforts. The other side spends its time demonizing your work. Then, they try to profit off of that character assassination. To curb its effect, work with your legal counsel to minimize their success in court.

  • Government action. States may limit the way in which you reach out to clients. This is due to the fact that you provide professional care. You can’t market it in a dishonest manner. Thus, work to ensure that your marketing aligns with best practice. Don’t put your nursing home marketing in jeopardy!

These are just some of the challenges you might face marketing your nursing home. Now, we want to offer some tips to overcome them. They’ll help you reach your business goals!

Strategies for Marketing Nursing Homes

We reviewed the challenges. Now let’s talk strategy to beat them. There are some tried and true methods to structure nursing home marketing. Take a look at these ones. They’re some of the best.

  • Build Trust. You need to establish trust with families. This starts long before they go through the doors of your home. Luckily, the internet lets you do that at scale for cheap. Form profiles and interact with potential clients. Do this in a meaningful way. Speak on relevant matters. Answer their questions. Point out things evolving in the nursing home industry. This will build trust that will pay dividends in the future.

  • Build Reputation. To stand above other homes, build your reputation. Lots of media and governments outlets want analysis on nursing home issues. Offer comment on lawsuits or new laws. It’s cheap but easily gives you a competitive advantage. Also, most times, you’ll get a plug back to your website. In that sense, it’s free advertising.

  • Build Followers. It’s important to get offline and meet people in your community. Host events at your nursing home on critical matters. Send reps to local meetings to give expert insight. This will give your nursing home a real following. Your marketing campaign will rise above others that are merely online.

Tailor these nursing home marketing techniques to meet your needs. Add on to them for added effect. Work with professionals to make sure they hit your intended audience.

Nursing Home Marketing Resources

Here are some resources that you can use to craft your nursing home marketing strategy.

Learn more about how to better operate your nursing home! Read these pages.

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