Information & Ratings on Livingston Manor Care Center (Violations)

Nursing home care is something that must be provided in a safe and sanitary manner in order to be effective. When an infirm population is at issue, any type of deficiency in the care can cause harm not just to the particular resident, but across the entire facility. Your loved one's health and well-being are undoubtedly important to both you and your family. If your family member suffers any harm when they are receiving skilled nursing care, you are not without remedy. You can hire an attorney and file a legal claim against the nursing home for any injury that your loved one has suffered due to negligence or any kind of mistreatment. With strong legal counsel on your side, you can achieve justice for your loved one.

The Livingston Manor Care Center is a medium-sized skilled nursing facility with 94 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The Livingston Manor Care Center provides long-stay nursing services to residents of Chillicothe, MO and Northwest Missouri. It has for-profit ownership and is located at:

939 Birch Dr. 
Chillicothe, MO 64601
(660) 646-5177
URL: Livingston Manor Care

The federal government, in its role as the overseer of Medicare and Medicaid, has regulatory jurisdiction over nursing homes. It conducts annual inspections of nursing homes and can further investigate complaints that are filed. The inspection reports are made public. Often, these inspection reports can tell a story of the quality of care at the facility and whether it is improving or declining. In addition, the State of Missouri has regulatory authority since it is the entity that provides the facility's license. 

Livingston Manor Care Center received a Notice of Noncompliance from the State of Missouri in June 2016. This violation was deemed to be a Class II violation, which is one level beneath the most serious. The deficiencies were related to the quality of care. According to the state, this facility had an unacceptably high rate of medication errors. Further, the home failed to provide the appropriate care for a patient with a catheter. The staff did not change their gloves after changing the catheter and provided perineal care with the soiled gloves, raising the risk for infection.

While this facility's care has improved in the past year, there were many different deficiencies noted on the 2017 inspection report. In fact, the Livingston Manor Care Center received 13 separate health citations on that inspection, which is double the national average. One particular incident that led to a citation was that a resident was tested for a possible urinary test and the facility delayed in sending the results of the test to the physician. The physician did not receive the results of the test in order to prescribe medication until four days after the resident's test confirmed that they had a urinary tract infection. This meant that the resident was at risk for a worsening infection for a long time after it was known that they had an infection.

The rate of hospitalization for residents of this facility is much higher than the average for Missouri nursing homes. Residents of this nursing home have over three hospitalizations for every 1,000 resident days. The national average is 1.7 hospitalizations. When a nursing home has a higher rate of hospitalizations than usual, they put themselves in the position to receive a penalty from Medicare under a new program that rewards nursing homes for lower hospitalization rates and punishes those with higher rates. Homes can be docked up to two percent of their Medicare reimbursements under this program. 

In the past, this nursing home has experienced issues with administration of treatments and prescriptions. In 2016, one resident did not receive oxygen at the required flow rate. For another resident, when prescribing the medication, it did not include the dose that the resident was to receive. Additionally, the 2016 inspection report noted an unacceptably high rate of medication errors. While any medication error is potentially dangerous for a patient, the general aim is for a facility to have a medication error rate of under five percent. When inspected, the rate of error for this facility was 12 percent. In addition, there have been concerns in both 2016 and 2017 about the cleanliness of care. Staff did not undertake the appropriate measures to clean both themselves and the residents after providing incontinence care. In 2016, infection control measures were also found to be lacking as residents were twice administered insulin without staff putting on gloves before giving the injection. 

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