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A “Not for Profit” 35-certified bed Medicaid/Medicare-participating facility

Overall Rating – 1 out of 5 possible stars

1 star rating

Primary Concerns –

Failure to Maintain Complete, Accurate and Organize Clinical Records to Ensure the Care and Services Provided Every Resident Meet Professional Standards

In a summary statement of deficiencies dated 11/05/2015, a notation was made during an annual licensure and certification survey by a state investigator concerning the facility’s failure to “assure the accuracy of a patient’s condition was documented in the clinical record, the multidisciplinary care plan and the physician’s orders.”

The deficient practice was noted after the state surveyor recognize that “the facility could not assure each patient would receive care and services consistent with their needs.” The surveyor also noted the facility’s deficient practice “was likely to affect six [other patients at the facility].”

The state survey conducted a review of the 11/02/2015 multidisciplinary Care Plan that “included: altered nutrition and hydration with interventions that included administer tube feeding as ordered and patient/family independently completes tube feeding.” The surveyor noted a conflict with the multidisciplinary Care Plan and the surveyor’s observations and review of physician’s orders to include a 11/02/2015 7:05 AM observation revealing that a resident “did not have a feeding tube […and] a review of the physician’s orders that revealed there was no order for a feeding tube.”

The state surveyor conducted an interview with the facility’s MDS (Minimum Data Set) Coordinator and Nurse Manager who both confirmed that “the patient did not have a feeding tube and clinical record review revealed [the resident] did not have an order for a [feeding tube].”

Our Little Rock Arkansas nursing home neglect attorneys recognize the failing to follow protocols to maintain accurate, complete and organized clinical records as a potential of causing residents significant harm if physician’s orders are not followed. The deficient practice of the nursing staff at Baptist Health Medical Center – Little Rock might be considered mistreatment or negligence of the residents.

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Little Rock, Arkansas 72211
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A “For-Profit” 70-certified bed Medicaid/Medicare-participating facility

Overall Rating – 1 out of 5 possible stars

1 star rating

Primary Concerns –

Failure to Develop, Implement and Enforce Policies That Prevent Mistreatment, Abuse or Neglect of Residents

In a summary statement of deficiencies dated 05/14/2015, a notation was made by a state investigator during an annual licensure and certification survey concerning the facility’s failure to “ensure all requirements for employee screens were completed for [5 new employees including a Licensed Practical Nurse and four CNAs] personnel records review to prevent the potential for hiring an individual with a history of abuse, neglect or mistreatment.”

The deficient practice was noted after the state surveyor reviewed five personnel records on 05/13/2015 noted that an LPN and four CNA’s at the facility had hire dates between 02/10/2015 and 02/06/2015. In all, there was “no documentation in the personnel records that reference checks were completed.” In addition, the Licensed Practical Nurse’s personnel record did not contain any documentation showing that the “Arkansas State Board of Nursing was contacted for license verification.” The personnel record for one CNA hired in March 2015 did not indicate that the Certified Nursing Assistant had completed a NA registry check or had abuse training.

The state surveyor conducted an interview with the Human Resources staff member at 11:45 AM on 05/13/2015 who stated “she just started [in her position at the facility] on the 05/04/2015 and the personnel files were in their present condition at that time.” The following day, the Human Resource staff member was asked about the personnel files and indicated that she was unable to “find some of the required documents for the files.”

Our Little Rock nursing home abuse attorneys recognize that failing to develop, implement and enforce policies that prevent abuse from occurring has the potential of causing serious harm or abuse to residents in the facility. The deficient practice of the Administration and Human Resources Department might be considered negligence because the deficient practice does not follow the facility’s 05/11/2015 policy titled Abuse Prevention Program Policy that reads in part:

“The facility has implemented processes that include seven components of abuse prevention and management [including] Screening Training Prevention Identification Protection Investigation Reporting… screen all potential employees for history of abuse, neglect or mistreating residents/patients during the hiring process. Screening will consist of, but not be limited to: inquiries into state licensing authorities […and] State nurse aide registry. Reference checks from previous and/or current employers […and] provide training for new employees the orientation and with ongoing training programs.”

6411 Valley Ranch Dr.
Little Rock, Arkansas 72223
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A “For-Profit” 90-certified bed Medicaid/Medicare-participating facility

Overall Rating – 1 out of 5 possible stars

1 star rating

Primary Concerns –

Failure to Follow Protocols to Report and Investigate Any Act of Abuse to Residents

In a summary statement of deficiencies dated 06/17/2015, a notation was made by a state investigator during an annual licensure and certification survey concerning the facility’s failure to “ensure bruises of unknown origin were identified, properly and thoroughly investigated to rule out possible abuse and reported to the State Agency in accordance with state law.” This deficient practice directly involved one resident. However, the “failed practice have the potential to affect 37 residents who were cognitively impaired at the facility.”

The deficient practice was noted after the state investigator reviewed a resident’s Quarterly MDS (Minimum Data Set) with an Assessment Reference date of 06/05/2015. The document indicates “the resident had modified independence of cognitive skills for daily decision-making.” The resident’s Staff Assessment for Mental Status report indicated the resident “was totally dependent for bed mobility, transfers, dressing, personal hygiene and bathing.” The resident’s 06/11/2015 Skin Inspection Report indicates the assessment shows Skin Intact.

The state surveyor noted that on 06/16/2015 at 11:15 AM “During a bed bath, [the hospice Certified Nursing Assistant] remove the Geri-sleeves from the resident’s upper extremities. On the right mid forearm was a purple colored bruise that was approximately 1.5 centimeters by 2.0 centimeters in diameter and a purple bruise approximate a 0.5 centimeters 1.0 centimeters on the back of the left hand.”

A few minutes later, “the resident’s feet were exposed and on the center of the mid-sole of the right foot, there was a purple-blue bruise that was approximately 2.0 centimeters diameter.” The resident’s lower right leg below the knee displayed a triangular-shaped brownish discolored area approximately 8.0 centimeters to 10.0 centimeters in length that measured approximate 5.0 centimeters at its widest area. An additional brown discolored area approximately 1.0 centimeters to 2.0 centimeters in diameter displayed on the left mid lower extremity.

The state surveyor conducted an interview at 3:00 PM on 06/16/2015 with the facility’s Treatment Nurse who is asked “when the last body audit the resident was done.” The Treatment Nurse replied that the body audit was performed on 2015 […and] was then asked if the resident had any skin issues at that time. The Treatment Nurse stated ‘No, not then; she just had a stage II pressure ulcer, but that has healed’.”

The state investigator conducted an interview with the facility’s Director of Nursing at 4:50 PM on 06/16/2015 who was asked “it bruises, marks and discolorations should be recognized and documented [when discovered].” The Director of Nursing (DON) replied “absolutely, yes.” The DON was also asked “when abnormal skin findings should be reported.” The Director of Nursing replied “as soon as they exit the room.”

The state surveyor reviewed the facility’s reports of incidences noting that “the last incident reported to the State Agency was dated April 2015 [and that] none of the reports filed documented an investigation of the resident’s bruising was done.”

Our Little Rock nursing home abuse lawyers know that failing to report and thoroughly investigate any act or potential act of abuse might be viewed as mistreatment or additional abuse. The deficient practice of the nursing staff and administration at Valley Ranch Nursing and Rehabilitation Center violates state and federal nursing home regulations.

The Indicators of Nursing Home of Abuse and Neglect

All types of abuse and neglect occur in nursing homes nationwide. However, the term nursing home describes numerous kinds of facilities providing care for the disabled, rehabilitating and elderly residents. Typically, nursing homes can be identified in one of four separate categories that include skilled nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities, residential care homes and adult boarding services. Unfortunately, The Little Rock nursing home abuse attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center LLC handle volumes of cases that are related to neglect, mistreatment and abuse at each one of these types of facilities.

Our lawyers have witnessed specific conditions and injuries that occur at an alarming rate, confirming that many residents receive substandard care in Arkansas. The most common types of injuries, abuse and acts of negligence involve specific conditions that include:

  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Bedsores (decubitus ulcers; pressure ulcers; pressure sores) acquired after the resident has been admitted to the facility
  • Falling accidents caused by a lack of adequate supervision of a resident who require special assistance
  • Accident hazards such as the lack of using nonskid services
  • Medication errors, including giving the wrong resident someone else’s medication
  • Blood infections caused by a lack of treatment or ineffective treatment of open wounds
  • Physical assault, including resident to resident abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Injuries and changes of medical conditions as a result of the nursing staff failing to follow physician’s orders

Cases involving negligence and abuse tend to be the most challenging claims for compensation to pursue. That is why many victims and family members choose to hire an attorney who specializes in these types of cases. An attorney can gather evidence and facts, interview witnesses, investigate the case and provide expert testimony should a claim for compensation require presenting the case in front of a judge and jury.

Can I Afford an Attorney?

Nearly all types of nursing home neglect and abuse cases are handled through a contingency fee agreement. This means the law firm provides immediate legal representation and handles every aspect of the case without an upfront fee. All legal services through a contingency fee agreement are contingent on the law firm negotiating an acceptable out of court settlement or from a jury award at the conclusion of winning a successful lawsuit.

The Arkansas nursing home abuse attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center LLC believe that aggressively defending the rights of victimized nursing home residents is imperative to holding those responsible for causing the harm financially and legally accountable. The health, happiness and well-being of your elderly loved one is fundamental to our team of experienced elder abuse lawyers whose desire it is to serve as your legal advocate.

We urge you to contact our Little Rock elder abuse law office today at (800) 926-7565 to schedule your full case evaluation. Your initial consultation with our attorneys is free and all information you share will remain confidential.

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