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Your loved one deserves the vest quality care when they reach the point in their life when they can no longer care for themselves. When they are not receiving the proper care to the point where their well-being is endangered, it is painful for you to watch. The good news is that you do not have too stand idly by and watch a nursing home place your family member at risk. Instead, you can hire a lawyer and take legal action against the facility if it is necessary. When a nursing home has to pay a settlement, it will serve as a deterrent that will keep them from mistreating your loved one in the future.

Lincoln County Nursing & Rehab is a medium sized facility with 90 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It provides long-stay care services to residents of Troy, MO and Northeast Missouri. It has for-profit ownership and it is located at:

1145 E Cherry St
Troy, MO 63379
(636) 528-5712
URL: Lincoln County Nursing & Rehab

The federal regulatory regime that oversees nursing homes is strict. There are a myriad of rules that nursing homes must comply with as participants in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. This is in recognition of the fact that nursing home residents are perhaps the most vulnerable members of society as well as the fact that the federal government should not write unlimited checks to facilities without any strings attached. These rules are enforced through regular inspections of nursing homes that occur both annually as well as in response to complaints. 

Nursing homes are fined when the inspection reveals serious deficiencies in care or certain violations causes actual harms to patients. Medicare does not fine many nursing homes due to the severity of the issues that would necessitate a fine. Nursing homes that receive more than one fine in a three year period can be considered to have ongoing care issues that must be addressed. 

The Lincoln County Nursing & Rehab has received two separate fines in the past three years. While neither of these fines have been for large amounts, the fact that these fines were received in consecutive years in significant. The two fines total nearly $35,000. Even though the facility did not receive a fine in 2018, there were three different complaint investigations that resulted in health citations issued to the facility. 

The June 2017 inspection resulted in 16 different health citations issued to the facility. On one occasion, a resident rang the call button to alert the staff that they had to use the bathroom. Staff said they would get someone to assist, but they never did. The resident soiled themselves and when perineal care was administered to the resident, it was done with the curtain open. In addition, the home served all of the residents with plastic silverware because they did not have enough silverware and were afraid of it being stolen. Moreover, the staff did not provide several residents with the necessary assistance with grooming and hygiene that would prevent body odor. 

The facility has also been noted to have issues with providing residents with the proper care to prevent pressure ulcers. Also known as bedsores, these are largely preventable with the right care, which includes periodically shifting residents' positions so that they do not develop these ulcers. Two residents were identified as risks for pressure ulcers, but the nursing home did not reposition the residents as necessary to help avoid them from occurring. When residents have limited mobility, they have a great risk for developing pressure ulcers. In addition, there was one resident with a worsening pressure ulcer, but the facility did not notify the physician of the resident's condition. Nearly 16 percent of the facility's long-stay residents have developed pressure ulcers. This number is triple the national average. 

The 2016 inspection, which also resulted in a fine, yielded 13 health citations. The bulk of these citations were in the quality of life care areas. These include hygiene and various other things that a nursing home can do for the residents to preserve their dignity. There was one violation in 2016 which resulted in actual harm to a resident. The facility failed to provide maintenance care of an implanted venous port. The home did not provide the appropriate dressing and needle changes. The lack of care resulted in a dirty area that could have caused the resident to contract an infection. In addition to the citations issued as part of the inspections, there have been 12 complaints over the past three years that have resulted in a citation.

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