Information & Ratings on La Plata Nursing Home (Violations)

When you entrust your loved one to a nursing home, you expect them to be as comfortable as possible and to receive the best care. You do not expect them to lose weight, experience a major fall or develop a pressure ulcer. In some ways, these occurrences are reflective of the quality of care provided at the facility. You and your family have the power to do something about it if your loved one suffers any type of harm whatsoever at a nursing home due to substandard care. The first step to remedying any wrong is retaining a lawyer to represent your family in a possible legal action against the nursing home.

The La Plata Nursing Home is a small-sized facility with 52 certified beds. It is owned by the county government. It is certified to participate in both the Medicare and Medicaid Program. The home provides long-stay services to resident of La Plata, MO and North Central Missouri. It is located at:

100 Old Stagecoach Rd 
La Plata, MO 63549
(660) 332-4315
URL: La Plata Nursing Home

Nursing homes are required to undergo inspections that are administered by the federal government. These inspections can be done on an annual basis or when a complaint has been filed that necessitates further investigation. In addition, nursing homes report various statistics about the quality of their care to Medicare. All of the information about the inspections and the quality of care at the facility is made public on Medicare's website.

While La Plata Nursing Home has not received any fines or payment denials from Medicare in the past three years, the quality of care metrics at this facility are among the worst in Missouri. Simply stated, this is not a place where residents thrive. Instead, residents' health seems to decline once they move here based on the numbers that the facility reports to Medicaid.

The most troubling statistic is that this facility has more than double the national average of hospitalizations among residents. The national average is 1.7 hospitalizations for every 1,000 resident days. The La Plata Nursing Home has 3.68 hospitalizations for every 1,000 resident days. Medicare has instituted a new program where it can penalize nursing homes who have a higher than average rate of hospitalizations. By having such a high prevalence, the La Plata Nursing Home is in a position to lose up to two percent of its Medicare reimbursements. 

Further, the rate of pressure ulcers at this nursing home is double the national average. 11 percent of the residents at this home develop a pressure ulcer. This condition should largely, but not entirely, be preventable. Shifting residents' position frequently helps reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers. In addition, being proactive in treating any skin issues that residents have can contain the severity of pressure ulcers. 

Moreover, over seven percent of the residents here suffer some kind of injury in a fall, which is well above the average in the State of Missouri. There is a long list of metrics where the La Plata Nursing Home is far inferior to the average nursing home in the country. Medicare are assigns each nursing home an overall rating based on the results of its inspection of each home. One star is the worst rating that a home can receive. La Plata received a one star overall rating. Additionally, it received one star in the area of health inspections and quality of care measures. 

This facility has also experienced issues in providing its residents with the right type of diet. In the 2016 inspection report, it was noted that one resident lost over ten percent of their body weight in one month. This is a significant amount of weight loss. However, the nursing home failed to notify the resident's physician of the change in weight. Moreover, the home also failed to follow the recommendations of a registered dietician. When the resident did not get out of bed on a certain day, they missed two meals and the staff did not offer the resident meal trays. This is reflected in the statistics that the nursing home reports to Medicare. Nearly 14 percent of the residents lost too much weight, which is double the average in the State of Missouri.

Although the number of health citations in the inspection reports has dropped in the past two years, the facility continues to maintain a one star rating, in part because of the quality of care measures at the facility. On nearly every metric, the La Plata Nursing Home is far worse than the average nursing home in the country.

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