Information & Ratings on La Belle Manor Care Center (Violations)

Nursing home care is critical in the lives of our nation's seniors. There is no senior more important to you than the one in your life. Their care is extremely important to you, and any deficiency in that care is upsetting to you and your entire family. Nursing homes do not have to abuse or mistreat your loved one in order to be held legally liable for their treatment. If the care is substandard to the point where it causes injury to your loved one, they can also be held responsible. It is difficult to do this on your own without the assistance of an attorney. Nursing homes have much legal firepower on their side and you need to retain competent counsel of your own if you hope to overcome that. 

The La Belle Manor Care Center is a small facility with 94 certified beds. It provides long-stay skilled nursing services to residents of La Belle, MO and the Northeastern Missouri area. It has for profit ownership and it participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It is located at:

1002 Central St 
La Belle, MO 63447
(660) 213-3234

Medicare requires nursing homes to undergo an annual inspection. This is to ensure that the facilities are meeting the regulatory requirements to participate in these programs. In the event that they are not, health citations are issued and steeper penalties may be issued depending on the type and extent of the violation. 

Medicare rates nursing homes on a scale of one star to five stars, with one star being the lowest rating. In addition to receiving an overall rating, each nursing home will get rated on each of the subcomponents that go into the overall score. For example, if there are a large number of health citations issues to the nursing facility, the home may receive a one star rating for health inspections. If the facility is severely understaffed, it will receive a one star rating in the area of staffing. 

The La Belle Manor Care Center received one star in the area of health inspections. The latest inspection report, released in January 2018. contained 11 separate health citations that were issued to the facility. For the comparable period, the average number of deficiencies in both Missouri and the rest of the country was below eight. The La Belle Manor Care Center was noted to have issues with hygiene and grooming of its residents. There were numerous noted deficiencies in the area of perineal care. This type of care is crucial since it helps prevent the patient from developing an infection. In addition, residents could develop urinary care infections. Further, there were residents who needed care and assistance with regard to oral hygiene and they did not receive it. 

Going all the way back to 2015, nearly every inspection has resulted in an above average number of health citations. While none of these have resulted in severe harm to residents, there are ongoing issues with care at this facility that have resulted in the one star rating. 

Although the La Belle Manor Care Center did not receive one star in the area of quality of resident care, there is one statistic in that area that stands out negatively. The average rate of hospitalizations is 1.7 for every thousand days of long-stay resident care. Some facilities have rates above two hospital stays and it is considered on the high side. The La Belle Manor Care Center had 3.4 hospital stays for every 1,000 long-stay resident days. Medicare has a new program whereby it can penalize nursing homes up to two percent of their reimbursement based on the number of hospitalizations of its residents. By having such a high rate, the La Belle Manor Care Center is in a position to be subject to a penalty. 

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