Information & Ratings on Kingswood (Violations)

Nursing homes exist to care for their elderly and infirm residents and make them as comfortable as possible. However, nursing homes do not always get it right. On some occasions, skilled nursing facilities either make errors in their care or even neglect their residents. If that resident is your loved one, it is upsetting to say the least. However, you can take that anger and hurt and translate it into action when you get the right type of legal help. An attorney can help you and your family member if they have suffered any harm while at a nursing home. You do not have to overlook anything bad that has happened to your loved one while they are at a nursing home. Instead, with the help of an attorney on your side, you can take firm action. 

Kingswood is a small nursing facility with 86 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It has non-profit ownership on behalf of the Kansas City United Methodist Retirement Home and provides long-stay services. It is located at:

10000 Wornall Rd 
Kansas City, MO 64114
(816) 942-0994
URL: Kingswood

Federal regulations set forth a large number of standards with which nursing homes must comply. The federal government sends trained evaluators to each nursing home once every year to verify that nursing homes are complying with all of these rules. Results of these inspections are published on Medicare's website and are available to all for review. Families of potential residents as well as those who have loved ones who reside at the facility can read these reports to see the quality of care at the facility. However, if your loved one has suffered harm at the facility, chances are that you already know that there are serious issues with the care.

After issuing whatever health citations are necessary to the facility, Medicare assigns ratings to each nursing home based on the findings of the inspection report. The facilities are graded on a scale of one to five, and the homes are also rated in each of the subfactors. In the area of health inspections, Kingswood has received a one star rating.

One instance that was noted in the inspection report was that there was a resident who had a pacemaker installed, yet there was no monitoring of the patient's condition. The resident's medical record did not have any record of necessary monitoring of the pacemaker even though it was obvious to the touch that the resident had a pacemaker. Every resident with a pacemaker must have orders in their medical record that specify how it should be monitored and Kingswood did not do any monitoring.

In addition, Kingswood was found to be lacking in an effective infection control program. One particular LPN was seen not sanitizing their hands after taking off gloved and before putting on a new pair of gloves. The protocol is that every staff member must sanitize their hands when changing gloves. There were other instances in the inspection report where CNAs were seen leaving a resident's room without washing their hands. 

In the 2017 inspection report, there were also several instances in which the staff members did not properly wash their hands before and after administering to residents. There was also another incident in which a CNA told an incontinent resident to urinate in their bed instead of trying to take them to the bathroom. In all, the 2017 inspection report resulted in the issuance of 13 separate health citations to Kingswood. The average number of health citations issued to facilities nationwide is approximately six. 

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