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Kenosha Nursing Homes

The Kenosha bedsore injury lawyers of Nursing Home Law Center LLC are determined advocates on a mission for justice on behalf of the many injured nursing neglect victims who have been made to suffer due to greed and disregard for human safety. We find it especially heinous whenever patients are forced to endure unimaginable agony because of the advancement of pressure ulcers. These injuries are completely unwarranted and easy to prevent, which is why we refuse to allow negligent care centers to feel that they can continue to place profits above delivering the quality of care they promise.

Kenosha Senior Demographics

With a population of just under 100,000, Kenosha is the fourth largest city in Wisconsin. Its senior population comprises just below 11% of the total and current trends suggest that this segment will grow disproportionately over the next decade. Since 2000, the senior population has been growing twice as quickly as all other age groups as the Baby Boomer generation is collectively reaching their golden years.

The Kenosha Unified School District offers valuable services and programs to those aging residents who are looking for ways to connect with their peers and to stay physically and mentally active in order to stave off the need for ongoing assistance. Activities include aquatic exercise, card games, dance classes, Bingo, a book club, computer classes, arts and crafts, blood pressure checks, a nutrition program and more. 

The Shocking Disparity in Nursing Home Quality Throughout Kenosha

While there are 21 nursing homes in the immediate vicinity of Kenosha, Medicare has only provided perfect grades to four of them. An alarming 13 nursing facilities garnered scores of 3 or fewer stars, presenting a dire outlook for the industry in the area. The good news is that there are ways to avoid placing a loved one in a care center that has a history of providing substandard care.

Our Kenosha pressure sore injury lawyers often refer to the Medicare nursing home compare tool, as it allows clients who need to relocate loved ones to expand their search in an efficient and effective manner. For example, by expanding your search to a 50 mile range, you will find over 40 nursing homes with perfect grades and you can compare centers side by side to see which ones accept Medicare or Medicaid payments and otherwise meet the criteria you have.

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Greed Is a Contributing Cause to Pressure Ulcers in Kenosha Nursing Facilities

The vast number of advanced bedsore cases we encounter involve injuries that were completely avoidable due to the numerous simple measures caregivers are able to take to prevent sores from developing, to identify existing sores and to treat them before they become serious injuries. When a patient is confined to a bed or chair, this automatically places him or her at greater risk and his or her treatment plan should include regular repositioning and monitoring for symptoms of existing pressure sores.

In most cases, these measures are all that is needed to keep pressure ulcers under control and to keep the sores from progressing into the open and infected wounds we often find. Waiting until a patient is in agony and suffering from a severe infection to act is not only unacceptable — it is inhumane. Yet many nursing facilities operate with staffs that are inadequate to accommodate these very basic needs just so that they can benefit from low costs and high margins.

Our Kenosha Pressure Ulcer Lawyers Have the Passion and Experience Your Case Needs to Succeed

Nursing Home Law Center LLC is dedicated to representing the interests of all people who have been injured because of the negligent or irresponsible actions of others and our nursing home law team is vehement in the pursuit of justice for the elderly. Your loved one deserves dignity and respect from those providing his or her care, and we will fight tirelessly to make sure that those responsible for the pain and suffering your loved one has endured will be held to account.

Contact us today to arrange a free case review with one of our award winning Kenosha bedsore injury attorneys to learn more about your legal options and how we can help.

Should you have questions about Wisconsin law related to pressure sores, view our page here.

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Jonathan did a great job helping my family navigate through a lengthy lawsuit involving my grandmother's death in a nursing home. Through every step of the case, Jonathan kept my family informed of the progression of the case. Although our case eventually settled at a mediation, I really was impressed at how well prepared Jonathan was to take the case to trial. Lisa
After I read Jonathan’s Nursing Home Blog, I decided to hire him to look into my wife’s treatment at a local nursing home. Jonathan did a great job explaining the process and the laws that apply to nursing homes. I immediately felt at ease and was glad to have him on my side. Though the lawsuit process was at times frustrating, Jonathan reassured me, particularly at my deposition. I really felt like Jonathan cared about my wife’s best interests, and I think that came across to the lawyers for the nursing home. Eric