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Information & Ratings on Kansas City Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare (Violations)

When you are dealing with a nursing home where your loved one resides, you often feel powerless to do much to help their situation since the care is largely out of your hands. You can give directions for care, which must be followed, but you cannot do much of anything about the actual quality of care on a day-to-day basis. As a result, when the nursing home provides deficient care or mistreats your elder in any way, you have a feeling of helplessness beyond filing complaints. However, you do have a powerful tool at your disposal should you wish to use it. When you hire a lawyer to take legal action against the nursing facility, you can right the wrong that was done to your loved one and send the message that you are serious about holding the nursing home accountable. 

The Kansas City Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare is a large facility with 180 certified beds. It participates in the Medicare and Medicaid programs although there have been several denials of payments in the past three years. It has for-profit ownership and provides long-stay services to residents of the Greater Kansas City area. It is located at:

12942 Wornall Road 
Kansas City, MO 64145
(816) 423-8500
URL: Kansas City Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare

The federal government has the power ability to take several different types of disciplinary actions against a skilled nursing facility. Since nursing homes wish to maintain their participation in the Medicare program, they must submit to federal regulation because if they are removed from Medicare, it is akin to the end of the business. The state also has a role in nursing home regulation since these facilities are licensed by Missouri.

The Kansas City Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare has received some of the stiffest punishments of any nursing home in Missouri. The facility has received a total of three fines in the last three years. According to a New York Times study, the average nursing home fine is roughly $33,000. Each of the three fines exceeded that amount and the most recent fine in April 2018 was over $68,000. In addition, this home has had three separate payment denials from Medicare in the past three years. This occurs when a nursing home has serious violations that have not been corrected within 90 days after the time that they have been brought to a nursing home's attention. 

The care at this facility has been deficient for a long time and, based on the inspection reports, it is only getting worse instead of better. The facility received 34 health citations in its last inspection report when the national average is slightly less than six. Since the care seems to be getting worse notwithstanding repeated citations from the federal government, the fines have gotten bigger. The 2017 inspection report had 25 health citations, and there have also been 18 complaints filed against the facility that have resulted in additional findings of violations.

The April 2018 inspection report found violations in nearly every possible area. This nursing home had several citations in the area of abuse prevention. First, there were several employees who were hired without CMA registry checks to see if they were disqualified from working with nursing home residents. These checks were not performed until months after the employees were hired. In addition, a resident reported that money and other possessions were stolen from their room. The nursing home did not take any action in response to the report because the Administrator did not have any idea if the allegations were true or not. 

There were other instances in which the home did not properly investigation disturbing allegations against staff members or other residents. One resident claimed that another resident threatened them and reported the incident, but there is no record of a report or investigation. Another resident had an injury to both of their hands of unknown origin and there was no record that the Administrator or Director of Nursing was informed of the injury. There were numerous other instances of residents sustaining injuries in accidents that occurred around the facility. 

Even though the nursing home has new ownership as of July 2018, the problems have not yet been fully addressed. In December 2018, the nursing home had part of the ceiling collapse. It remains to be seen whether the new ownership can turn around a facility which is among the worst in the state as well as the country based on the number of violations in the inspection reports. 

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