Information & Ratings on Jefferson City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC (Violations)

Your loved one's health and well-being is undoubtedly important to you and your family. After all, you have done all of the work necessary to entrust them to the care of a nursing home. However, not every nursing home ends up providing the services that they promise to you when the paperwork is signed. Some end up treating their residents with neglect. Even worse, others abuse or neglect their residents. In either event, you want things to be made right if your loved one has suffered through any of this. Hiring a lawyer is the first step towards righting the wrong that your family member has experienced. An attorney will know how to get justice for you and your family and can help you do what would be difficult to accomplish on your own.

The Jefferson City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC is a medium-sized facility with 120 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs and provides services to residents of Jefferson City and the Central Missouri area. It has for profit ownership and is located at:

1221 Southgate Ln 
Jefferson City, MO 65109
(573) 635-3131
URL: Jefferson City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Nursing homes are a highly regulated industry. This makes sense since they derive a large part of their funding from the federal government. As such, they should be subject to intensive regulation, especially given the amount of care that is necessary for residents with long-term medical issues. This oversight comes on both the federal and state levels. The federal government conducts an annual inspection of nursing homes and presents them with an inspection report after the conclusion of the inspection which details any violations that were observed during the course of the inspection.

The State of Missouri has cited this facility two separate times in the past three years. In November 2017, this nursing home was issued a Notice of Noncompliance for violations involving medications for patients. The facility failed to administer the required medications to three separate residents. In addition, the home also did not notify the physician when one patient had an excessively high blood sugar reading and provided additional treatments for another patient without telling a physician first.

The Jefferson City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center also received another citation in June 2018 from the state. This violation involved a failure to transcribe treatment orders and to document treatments. The home also failed to complete post-fall monitoring and a neurological check within three days after a fall. 

The most recent federal inspection report was issued in August 2018. The home received 12 separate health citations, and a one star rating in the health inspection area. One of the health citations involved the facility not providing residents with the proper assistance with hygiene and cleanliness. One resident reported receiving only two baths or showers in an entire month even though the home's policy is for residents to be bathed two to three times per week. For another resident, the facility did not administer oxygen as was required by the treatment orders when that patient was discharged from the hospital. The home was supposed to notify a physician when the patient's wait changed more than four pounds, yet did not do so when the patient gained 17 pounds. 

In 2017, the Jefferson City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was because an altercation between residents which left one resident with a large gash on their leg was not immediately reported to the executive director. Additionally, the home did not properly dispose of expired medications and did not check to see whether medications were expired before they were given to residents. Even worse, the home had a 28 percent error rate when administering medications to patients which is unacceptably high given that the maximum allowable error rate is five percent. 

Medicare has assigned this facility a one star overall rating. It received one star ratings for each of the individual subcomponents of the rating except for staffing. With regard to quality of life measures, residents of this facility are hospitalized at a rate much higher than the national average. Here, there are 2.61 hospitalizations per 1,000 long-stay resident days, which is markedly higher than the national average of 1.7. This puts the facility in the position of receiving a penalty from Medicare where it is docked nearly two percent of its Medicare reimbursements. 

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