Illinois Nursing Home Bed Sore Case Settlements & Verdicts (Case Valuation)

Illinois Nursing Home Bed Sore CasesNursing Home Law Center LLC has worked with victims of nursing home misconduct to great success. The clients we have represented suffered injuries like falls, sexual abuse, malnutrition, and bed sores. In fact, bed sores are some of the worst harms that they faced. They even have led to death in some cases.

Our entire group strives to protect the rights of nursing home residents. Accordingly, we refuse to represent nursing homes, hospitals, doctors, or similar parties.

Why Are Some Illinois Nursing Home Bed Sore Lawsuits Valued More Than Others?

It might be hard to decipher why plaintiffs in certain Illinois nursing home cases received what they did. The laws, rules, and jargon can be intimidating, even overwhelming. For instance, it might appear that cases with very injured nursing home residents received little and cases with mildly injured residents received a lot.

This is enough to make a smart person extremely confused. However, what we do in the section that follows is try and explain to you why nursing home residents got the award or settlement that they got.

We focus on several issues including the following:

  • The age of the victim.
  • The pre-existing conditions of the victim.
  • The directives of the victim’s doctors.
  • The policies and procedures of the nursing home.
  • The costs that the incident incurred on the victim.

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Illinois Nursing Home Bed Sore Verdicts and Settlements

$625,000 Settlement

Cook County, Illinois nursing home bed sore case.

In this incident, an elderly woman was admitted to a nursing home with a history of strokes and other health problems.

Thus, she presented a strong risk for bed sores (also called pressure sores and decubitus ulcers). However, during her time there, which is a little under one year, she developed several bed sores all over her body.

They ultimately became infected and led to her death. The estate filed a lawsuit and received $625,000 in settlement. Here are some points that might have contributed to the agreement:

  • The woman actually died from complications due to the nursing home’s deficient care.
  • The nursing home couldn’t point to the implementation of any fall prevention plan or procedures.
  • The woman came into the nursing home as a high risk for falls and still wasn’t given adequate care.

$575,000 Settlement

Cook County, Illinois nursing home bed sore case.

The estate of a recently deceased woman filed this lawsuit against a nursing home just outside Chicago, Illinois. They contended that despite being at risk for pressure sores, the facility took no steps to prevent them.

Consequently, they arose on her body-specifically on her sacrum and heels- and were a contributing factor to her death.

Before the two sides reached trial, they settled out of court for $575,000.

Here are a few things that might help you understand why the plaintiff in this suit got the amount that she did:

  • There wasn’t a strong correlation between the nursing home’s policies and procedures in preventing bed sores.
  • The facility didn’t have records of implementation of its care.
  • The woman also suffered from sepsis, dehydration, and other problems before her death which were further signs of insufficient care.
  • Prior to her death, the facility’s inadequate care cost the woman tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills which they specifically pointed to in settlement negotiations.

$250,000 Settlement

Winnebago County, Illinois nursing home bed sore case.

This case pretty much had everything. The nursing home resident started off suffering from dehydration and malnutrition but soon developed bed sores as a result of neglect as well.

Then, she even fell from her bed and sustained multiple injuries. Eventually, she died from the combined effect of these serious health conditions.

Her estate sued the nursing home and charged a variety of misdeeds including lack of supervision, staff, and resources. The two sides settled out of court for $250,000 probably because of the following:

  • The nursing home defendant couldn’t defend all of the problems that the resident faced while under its care.
  • The resident developed bed sores despite knowingly being at high risk for them.
  • The resident was a relatively healthy person upon being admitted into the nursing home.

$50,000 Settlement

Kane County, Illinois nursing home bed sore case.

This lawsuit was brought as a wrongful death and survival action. It alleged that the decedent died while in the care of the nursing home.

Specifically, the nursing home did not prevent the resident from developing bed sores. In fact, they even progressed to stage IV bed sores while he resided there.

Then, it charged that these sores and the infections that resulted took his life.

The estate of the deceased man claimed that the defendant nursing home failed him in a number of ways including deficient supervision, diagnosis, and prevention.

The two sides reached an agreement out of court to end the matter for $50,000.

Here are some justifications for the arrangement:

  • The man was relatively old and thus could not argue for a long life cut short.
  • The man was suffering from a number of other conditions thus it was hard to show that the bed sores were the main cause of his death.
  • He died several months after contracting the sores and this also weakened a strong claim of causation.

$1,038,000 Verdict

Cook County, Illinois nursing home bed sore case.

The resident in this story was a middle-aged women with seven dependents. She was recently submitted to a facility for long-term care.

Upon her arrival, she had no signs of bed sores. Unfortunately, while living there, she developed them and they persisted to such an extent that they infected and killed her.

The woman’s estate sued the facility and a jury gave it a $1,038,00 award for pain, suffering, medical bills, and other damages. The award was so high probably for the following reasons:

  • She was a relatively young, middle-aged woman.
  • She had lots of dependents.
  • She had no signs of bed sores upon her arrival.
  • The facility could not produce evidence of any assessment, planning, diagnosis, or treatment.

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