Information & Ratings on Hillside Manor Healthcare and Rehab Center (Violations)

Nursing home care is something that takes a great deal of precision and attention. It is not easy to provide continuous care to multiple people who are in failing health and require extensive assistance. However, when a nursing home holds itself out to the public as a skilled nursing facility, it assumes the obligation to provide the proper level of care to its residents. When the nursing facility does not do this, or when it abuses or mistreats its residents, it can and should face consequences. It is hard for you on your own to hold the nursing home accountable. However, when you have legal help, you can take effective action against the nursing home for whatever they have done or failed to do to or for your loved one.

The Hillside Manor Healthcare and Rehab Center is a large facility with 208 certified beds. The nursing home participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It has for profit ownership and provides services to residents of the Greater Saint Louis area. It is located at:

1265 McLaran Ave 
St. Louis, MO 63147
(314) 388-4121

The federal government has had a role in regulating nursing homes since the passage of the Social Security Act in 1935. The federal role grew after the passage of the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It is Washington's role to make sure that these homes comply with regulations in order to receive payments from these programs. Both the federal government and the state have their own roles in ensuring a facility's compliance with laws and regulations. As a result, both entities will issue health citations and notices of violations.

In November 2016, the Hillside Manor Healthcare and Rehab Center received a Notice of Noncompliance from the State of Missouri. The facility failed to take the appropriate measures to deal with a resident who was at risk of elopement. A nursing home is supposed to monitor a resident who is at risk for leaving the home, and Hillside failed to do so. 

While the facility has not been assessed any fines in the past three years, the most recent inspection report, issued in November 2018, did not portray this facility in the best light to say the least. The average facility receives just under six health citations over the course of each periodic inspection. The last inspection report for the Hillside Manor Healthcare and Rehab Center resulted in the assessment of a staggering 35 health citations. These issues touched practically every aspect of residents lives. 

Recently, there was a wrongful death lawsuit filed against this facility. The plaintiff alleges that their mother was physically attacked by another resident at the facility who knocked her to the ground. According to the lawsuit, the woman required hospitalization and died a few months later. The lawsuit claims that the facility did not adequately monitor the resident that was attacked which allowed the incidents to happen. 

There have been other findings that have cited the facility for a failure to supervise residents and staff and investigate allegations. In January 2018, there was an investigation that was initiated as a result of a complaint filed against the nursing home. Among other things, there was an allegation that a staff member of the facility sold drugs to a resident. In that instance, a resident left the restroom with clothes smelling of marijuana. The resident would not say where they obtained the drug. The resident's guardian expressed the belief that the resident obtained the marijuana from someone on the staff. However, there was no record or documentation that the nursing home interviewed staff or performed any investigation whatsoever of the allegation. In addition, there was a report of sexual activity between residents with cognitive impairment, which should ordinarily be discouraged. While one resident was told to engage in sexual activity in the privacy of their room, there was no further investigation of the sexual encounter as the policies require.

The Hillside Manor Healthcare and Rehab Center received an overall one star rating from Medicare. One of the subfactors which led to the poor rating was the one star rating in the area of staffing. The facility had lower than the national average in the amount of licensed nurse staff hours for each resident per day and physical therapist staff hours for each resident per day.

There have been a total of seven citations issued since January 2017 in the area of freedom from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. These violations could range from conduct or failure to properly investigate or prevent occurrences from happening.

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