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Information & Ratings on Heritage Care Center (Violations)

We all want the best for our loved ones, especially as they age and their health declines. When conditions require us to entrust them to a long-term nursing facility, we want them to be as comfortable as possible and to be treated with the dignity and respect that they have earned. Not only is your family owed that because you are a paying customer, but, as the steward of your loved one's care, you demand it. Nursing homes that abuse, mistreat, or otherwise neglect their residents should be held accountable for a variety of reasons. Aside from the fact that it is illegal, it is also just plain wrong. You can hire an attorney to take action if you find your loved one and your family in this unfortunate situation. The important thing is to have full awareness of both the situation as well as your options.

The Heritage Care Center is a medium-sized skilled nursing facility with 120 certified beds. It participates in both Medicare and Medicaid and provides services to the residents of the Greater Saint Louis area. It has for-profit ownership and is located at:

4401 N Hanley Rd 
St. Louis, MO 63134
(314) 521-7471

When it comes to nursing home regulation, there is a parallel regulatory system in which both the federal government and the state have responsibilities. The federal government examines skilled nursing facilities for compliance with laws for purposes of participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs while the state regulation focuses on licensing requirements. Both entities have the ability to find a nursing in violation of their own regulations. For nursing homes, there are a variety of sanctions they can face if they are not following the law with the care that they provide to their residents. 

While, in the past three years, the Heritage Care Center has not been assessed any fines by the federal government or found in violation of any laws by the State of Missouri, it does not mean that the facility gets a superior grade for its care. In fact, the Heritage Care Center has received the lowest possible ratings from Medicare based on the results of the inspections that are carried out yearly. This facility not only received one star overall, but it also received one star for each of the component subratings.

The Heritage Care Center is understaffed in comparison to other nursing homes across both Missouri and the country. The facility has only 24 minutes of nurse care per resident per day, which is drastically below the 94 minute average nationally. The facility has been in the news recently as its employees have rallied for higher pay. Workers engaged in a 104-day strike in 2017 due to what they believed was unfair pay. Management of the nursing home had been attempting to institute a pay freeze for all workers. 

The July 2018 inspection report issued 15 separate health citations to the facility. In one instance, a resident's physician directed that they undergo a colonoscopy. The inspection did not find any further records from the procedure in the patient's file or any mention of the procedure. After investigation, it was revealed that the patient refused to go the first time the procedure was scheduled. When it was re-scheduled, the patient ate the night before and could not have the procedure. None of these was documented in the patient's file and the nursing staff did not follow the physician's orders. 

In addition, there were several instances of residents appearing unkempt and smelling of severe body odor. Staff did not address it when encountering the residents. These residents wore the same clothing with stains on multiple consecutive days. The inspection report documented that these residents wen days on end without being showered or prompted to take a shower. The inspection showed numerous other occurrences where there were deficiencies in care due to a lack of attention to detail from the staff who did not follow care plans or take the time to do their jobs.

The 2017 inspection report also issued a number of health citations to the facility. While none of the violations have been severe enough to merit a fine or other significant punishment, they add up to a situation where residents' dignity may be suffering because of a lack of attention to care in the facility. Residents are entitled to care that preserves their dignity, and that includes help with basic hygiene, including showering, shaving and haircuts.

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