Hazelhurst Court Care and Rehabilitation Center Abuse and Neglect Lawyers

Many of the issues associated with mistreatment occurring in nursing homes are the result of understaffing, a lack of trained personnel, or minimal supervision. Sometimes, the nursing staff ignored the resident's needs, or the patient suffers head injuries and broken bones from a fall or develops life-threatening bedsores. Without proper supervision, any resident can wander away (elope) from the nursing home and suffer a preventable death or serious injury.

If your loved one was mistreated while residing in a Jeff Davis County nursing facility, contact the Georgia Nursing Home Law Center attorneys now for immediate legal assistance. Allow our team of lawyers to handle your case to ensure your family receives adequate monetary recovery for your injuries. We will use the law to hold those responsible for your harm legally accountable.

Hazelhurst Court Care and Rehabilitation Center

This center is a 73-certified bed Medicare/Medicaid-participating facility providing services to residents of Hazlehurst and Jeff Davis County, Georgia. The "for profit" long-term care home is located at:

180 Burkett Ferry Road
Hazlehurst, Georgia 31539
(912) 375-3677

Financial Penalties and Violations

Georgia and federal investigators have the legal authority to penalize any nursing home that has been cited for a serious violation that harmed or could have harmed in nursing home resident. Typically, these penalties include imposed monetary fines and denial of payment for Medicare services.

Over the last thirty-six months, Hazelhurst Court Care and Rehabilitation Center received one formally filed complaint that resulted in a citation. Additional information concerning the facility can be reviewed on the Georgia Nursing Home Reporting Website.

Hazlehurst Georgia Nursing Home Safety Concerns

One star rating

Families can download statistics from Medicare.gov and the Georgia Department of Public Health online sites to view a comprehensive historical list of all violations.

According to Medicare, the facility maintains an overall rating of one out of five stars, including two out of five stars concerning health inspections, one out of five stars for staffing issues and four out of five stars for quality measures.

  • Failure to Ensure Residents Receive Proper Treatment to Prevent New Bedsores or Heal Existing Pressure Sores - citation date August 24, 2017

    The state investigator documented the facility "failed to thoroughly assess a pressure ulcer weekly, to include staging, as care planned, for one resident." The documentation shows that the resident "was admitted to the facility" with a "Suspected Deep Tissue Injury (DTI) to the right heel." As a part of the Care Plan, the nursing staff was to complete a comprehensive wound assessment every week.

    When the investigators reviewed the Skin Integrity Report the "weekly wound assessments were not thorough to include a stage of the pressure ulcer each week, after the initial assessment." The documentation had not been updated. Upon observation of the resident's pressure ulcer wound, it was observed to "be open and unstageable."

  • Failure to Ensure That Every Resident's Drug Regimen Is Free from Unnecessary Medications - citation date December 10, 2015,

    According to surveyors, the "facility failed to provide a rationale for the continued use of duplicate antidepressant medications for two residents and the continued use of an antipsychotic without a gradual dose reduction attempt for [another resident]."

    The surveyors stated that "there was no documented clinical rationale for the benefit of, or the necessity for, two antidepressants until after the surveyor inquired." During the survey, the Director of Nursing stated that "he called the Physician and was told that [the antipsychotic medication] was for depression and [the other medication] was for sleep."

    However, documentation from the Pharmacy Consultation Report dated two months later showed "a recommendation for the Physician to reevaluate the need for both antidepressant medications and consider discontinuing [the medication use for sleep]." Instead of considering discontinuing the use of drugs, the Physician "declined the recommendation" seventeen days later. The surveyors stated that "there was no accompanying rationale to support declining the recommendation."

  • Failure to Ensure That the Nursing Home a Safe, Easy to Use, Clean and Comfortable to Residents, Staff, and the Public - citation date December 10, 2015

    The state surveyors "determined the facility failed to provide a safe environment for staff in the laundry area." The investigators observed a Laundry Aide working in "the laundry area [that] revealed that the laundry is done in the facility by a contract service."

    At the time of the observation, it was revealed that "water was on the floor in front of an at the base of the first dryer. On the floor, next to the first dryer, there were six badly stained and cracked floor tiles. In front of this dryer were wet and cracked floor tiles."

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